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Some thoughts on camouflage

I’ve always wondered what the good characteristics of a good camouflage pattern are. I’m no expert but here are some of my thoughts on camouflage: WHAT CAMOUFLAGE TRIES TO ACHIEVE I always thought camouflage tries to achieve two things: It … Continue reading

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The ‘American censorship’

Over the years there’s become something which I jokingly call the ‘American censorship’.  How I came up with it is sort of interesting.  It came about as I was studying cold war history.  Oddly, I found myself envious when I … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the ‘nice guy’ and shyness

There are many ideas of what the ‘nice guy’ is.  We could probably write a book on the different theories.  But I’ve found that many guys spoken of as a ‘nice guy’ are really suffering from a mild form of … Continue reading

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Chivalry and romance created a false image of the female!

I was always struck how, in the old historic records, females are often described as manipulative, scheming, underhanded, controlling, and often violent people.  They often pitted people against each other to get their way, lying and starting rumors, among other … Continue reading

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Is dating nothing but brown-nosing the female?

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who has also had problems with girls, never married, and says he probably won’t.  He made an interesting statement.  He said that girls probably don’t like him because … Continue reading

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Is the modern world destroying the male?

A feeling I’ve had for many years now is that the modern world is destroying the male.  I’ve compared it to acid eating away at the male, slowly, bit by bit, destroying his meaning, power, use, and influence in society.  … Continue reading

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The question of female identity

Way back in the 80’s I used to think that only males had identity problems.  At that time, it seemed that females didn’t have any identity problems.  By the late 90’s I began to see that the females actually were … Continue reading

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