Do American girls wear the ‘veil’?

You might find this interesting. 

About 10 or so years ago I had a conversation with one of my co-workers.  He was from the Middle East.  I talked to him about a number of things, including how girls wear ‘veils’.  It was during this conversation that I found myself saying something really interesting.  I said something to this effect:

Here in the U.S. they make a big deal about how girls wear veils in the Middle East, like its some sort of abuse (of course, everything is abusive to the females in the U.S.!).  But, it seems to me, that the American girls are the ones who really wear the veils.  Over here girls wear a ‘veil’ of a different sort though.  Their ‘veil’ is a wall that they build around themselves that no one can enter. 

Most of what guys do is trying to get through that wall.  That consists of a lot of our association with them.  Most of what dating consist of is nothing but trying to break through that wall.  The wall makes many unapproachable.  They are difficult to associate with because of the wall.  The wall makes some impossible to get along with.  To me, females are distant because of it as well, as if they are in their own little world.  They also never venture out of the wall either. 

It seems that everything revolving around the female is somehow connected with this wall or ‘veil’.  In a way, it dominates their life and also how everyone else around them relates with them.   In some ways, the wall or ‘veil’ is the female.  It defines who they are and their behaviour. 

What do you mean only the middle eastern girls wear veils?  What do you mean it’s a form of abuse?  THE AMERICAN GIRLS WEAR THE WORST TYPE OF VEIL OF ALL!  They have no business judging any other culture and its customs. 

I should also point out that my Middle Eastern co-worker said that if I lived in his country girls would probably fight to get to know me.  This, he said, is because I was so polite.  He remarked about how, over here, girls won’t have anything to do with polite ‘nice’ guys and that he couldn’t believe that.  He said that they should be preferred over all.  I guess I live in the wrong friggin’ country . . .

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One Response to Do American girls wear the ‘veil’?

  1. says:

    This is a very interesting post! I think that it’s a shame that some women have to go through the ringer with men that have bad characters before they can value the decency of a man with good manners. Dating is an absolute nightmare and in the U.S. it seems that people (women included) are becoming more and more shallow.

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