Is the modern world destroying the male?

A feeling I’ve had for many years now is that the modern world is destroying the male.  I’ve compared it to acid eating away at the male, slowly, bit by bit, destroying his meaning, power, use, and influence in society.  This seems to be getting on at a slow, almost imperceptible, rate.  It’s so slow its like you can only see it if you stand back and look at it at a distance. 

Some of the qualities I see are these:

–  It seems like the male is becoming useless, a cog in a machine.  It seems that machines, in a way, have replaced the male. 

–  It seems that many males are not developing into a person anymore.  Many males seem like they have a ‘want-to-be’ mentality, as if they aren’t capable of becoming someone. 

–  Many males are becoming pussy whipped people who suck up to things, females in particular.

–  Sometimes it seems that the male is fading into the background.  I’ve been stunned how everyone else, except us, get the credit for everything, even know we’re the ones who created and maintain everything.

–  There has always been a sense in me that people are trying to replace us or get rid of us.

–  It seems there is a fear of the male, nowadays, as if we’re going to destroy things or hurt people.  This has always insulted me.  Sometimes, it seems like a crime to act like a “man”.

–  It seems like there is an attempt to ‘castrate’ the male, to make him unmanly. 

–  The fall of the male image has created a lot of ‘upstarts’ (females, minorities) to take our place, as if to fill in the power vacuum that has been created.  Many times when this is done it is used to degrade the male.  I’ve seen many examples of how people use this to portray us as incompetent.  This has always been offensive to me, as all their doing is aping us!

There seems something incredibly wrong with this.  It has always left me with a feeling that there is something terribly wrong with the way things are, that there is something wrong with society and humanity.  It has always seemed to me that this is a ‘silent crisis’, nowadays, that no one talks about. 

This has always bothered me.

I’m particularly bothered because we’re the ones who created and maintain everything.  Look around you, almost everything is what the male created and maintain:  the buildings, the roads, the cars, the laws, the economy to do all this, science,  etc.  We created and maintain all that.  And, yet, our own society seems to be destroying us.

There seems a number of factors that may of helped lead up to this.  These includes:

–  Christianity.  The sad fact is the Christianity, with its emphasis on love and repentence, has a quality of ‘castrating’ the male.  It teaches us to see and feel remorse for our sins.  This has created a tendency, in Christianity, to undermine the ‘masculine’ traits of the male.

–  The influence of freedom, democracy, and liberty.  These ideas, in many ways, turned the image of authority (which is the male!) into a bad person.  It made us out as if we are these cruel oppressive people. 

–  The influence of modern warfare.  People have always associated the male with war.  The horror of modern warfare has extended, it seems, to the male. 

–  Modern society is, frankly, too docile for most males.  In many ways, it does not emulate any male traits or values.  As a result, they are never developed.  Life has become too ‘easy’, too ‘relaxed’ for the male, who has a need for some form of ‘hunt’ and a tendency to ‘batttle’ for things.  I can see that modern life, by its docile nature, is doing great damage to the male.

–  The destructive influences of philosophies like feminisim, liberalism, and such.  In reality, most of these philosophies are just reacting to problems in the male created society.  Often, they seem intent on destroying it.  However convincing that they may be, the end result is that they seek to destroy without having anything to offer in its place.  That’s like chopping up your wooden boat for fire wood while in the middle of the ocean.

–  The general deteriation of morality, belief, and such.  The male needs direction, something to believe in and live for.  Much of modern life no longer has this quality.  There’s nothing, really, to ‘harness’ the male traits.

–  The breakdown of society in general has deteriated the male ‘groups’ and ‘comradery’ that are, in reality, the basis for society and is what a lot of social institutions rest upon.

–  The current social breakdown is no longer offering healthy and sufficient example of male identity for the males.

–  The popular image of the male portrayed in movies, in particular, has greatly damaged the image of the male and created a distorted viewpoint.  In general, they distort certain qualties or aspects of the male, almost to ridiculous proportions.  These have greatly influenced popular opinion of what the ‘male’ is.

This shows that this problem seems to be a whole conglomeration of different aspects of things that have added up over time.  I do not believe its one thing, but multiple things, that have been working for decades and even centuries.  The result of all this is that the modern world has a quality of destroying the male.  This also means that this is a problem that is not going to be easily solved.  Something that took so long to develop and is a combination of many different influences isn’t going to disappear in a day.  I see this as an ongoing problem.

I have always had this belief that there is a correlation between the deteriation of society and the deteriation of the male in society.  This is because society, as I said above, is created and maintained by the male.  It is, in reality, a male institution.  No matriachial society ever did anything significant in the history of the world.  They never created a government, a religion, an art, a science, a philosophy, a military, a comradery, or anything.  In the loss of the male we lose society.

I’ve always warned that to degrade the male in society and to undermine male traits will be the death of this society.

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