The question of female identity

Way back in the 80’s I used to think that only males had identity problems.  At that time, it seemed that females didn’t have any identity problems.  By the late 90’s I began to see that the females actually were worse than the males.  Since then, I can see that the females have a major identity problem in this country, probably worse than the males.

At first I didn’t see this as females seemed to be stable.  Actually, what I was seeing was the female being a slave to social conventions and trends.  The female, in general, have a slavish mentality and have to follow the social conventions almost as if it were a God.  This gave this illusion that they were stable people.  I began to learn that their being too slavish to social conventions and trends is part of their identity problems, as it is there that they find ‘security’.  In fact, a lot of what girls do now is nothing but slaving away at social trends.  They’ll kill themselves trying to follow it.  If it became fashionable for girls to jump off cliffs they’d do it . . . in droves.

Overall, the question of what it means to be a female is undefined nowadays.  Just like everything else it has been hacked to death.

It seems that, with the female identity problem, there are two paths taken:  Portray her as a man or as excessively over-feminine.  They basically go to the extremes and completely miss the middle region, where they should be.

One of the signs of how bad the female identity is can be seen by how the female is portrayed in the media, movies, etc.  Many times they are portrayed as if they are men, displaying male traits.  I’m surprised they haven’t made a “female Rambo” movie going around shooting the crap out of everything yet.  In fact, look at how females are portrayed in the movies.  The feminists claimed that the female was portrayed as this weak frail person a long time ago.  But look at them now!  Females are portrayed as these super tough aggressive people, which they aren’t.  These are all male traits, not female traits.  The female is actually portrayed less as a female now than when all this feminist crap changed everything!

It seems to me that many girls aren’t even taught to be females even as children anymore.  Just recently I was stunned to see several little girls playing ‘mom’ with a baby.  When I was a kid girl’s were always playing ‘mom’, and had baby dolls, and playing house.  It was part of their training at being mothers as well as to bring that ‘motherly’ quality out in girls.  It seems that many girls have nothing to bring a lot of that motherly quality out anymore.  Unstead, they play with Barbie’s and try to be like grown up girls learning to parade their bodies around like some power weapon to get their way.

To me, the female identity is not based in parading their bodies around, which seems to be the dominating image in this country nowadays.  In fact, that has little to do with it, as far as I’m concerned.  I think that’s one of the biggest hang up girls have nowadays.  Once a girl starts doing that it’s like a rut they get into that’s hard to get them out of.

Just the other day I saw a girl in her early teens at a park probably baby sitting a child about 4 or 5.  She was there watching it and letting it play . . . like a mother.  It was neat to see a female acting like a female, like they’ve been doing for the past 10,000 years.  Then I thought that, in a few years, she’s going to learn to parade her body around and become a little slut probably.  She’ll start to play power games and all the crap which these people do will begin.  Then she’ll be Little Miss Difficult.  All that destroyed because she found she can use her body as a power weapon.

Unstead of taking natural inclinations and using it in a productive way, which is what we’re supposed to do, they neglect these traits and go in some other unnatural direction.  This creates, what appears to me, to be an aberration in the females character, like a distortion.  In effect, by doing so they cease to be females.

Our identities and who we are is based on innate natural inclinations that must be brought out and developed, often with a ‘training’ of some sort (like the stuff we do when we’re kids).  Not only this, the world needs to have a useful productive place for these inclinations to go (such as a role we play in society).  Without that, we will never really reach our potential as a person nor will we ever become a person.  We can go to college, have a big job, be successful, even be President, but without that we will never become a person.

This seems to be the crisis nowadays.  Our natural inclinations are not being brought out and developed, nor is there a place for them if they were.  As a result, humanity, in a way, is becoming a bunch of lost people, lost in who they are and what they are deep down inside.  We all hide behind the illusions of the modern world with all its gadgets, concepts, points of view, etc.  All this education, information, and knowledge, too, is just muddying the water.

In general, the modern world has dehumanized all of us.  We’ve all lost quite a bit of our humanity and our humanness as a result of ‘progress’.  My general feeling is that humanity, in general, has lost touch with itself in all this modern crap.

It seems that the female has also lost herself in all the modern crap.  She’s lost her natural inclinations, her innate qualities, and her place in the world.  Along with the male, the modern world has made her useless.  Now what we see is someone trying to be someone when they’re not someone . . . a fish out of water.  What we see is an illusion of a person.

But what is the female identity?  Even I can’t really say anymore.  I have to look back in my childhood and into history, when people actually had identities, to get a glimpse of what it might be.  In so doing, it seems the female identity is predominately a mother to me, someone who takes care of a few people (the family) and also takes care of the place they live in (the home).  The male, on the other hand, does the same thing but for more people.  He takes care of a lot of people (the society) and takes care of the place they live in (the country).  In other words, it seems the male and female are really doing the same thing but in different ways.  There are few places, before the modern world, where it was any different.  That, right there, is proof to me of natural inclinations and where our identities lie.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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