Chivalry and romance created a false image of the female!

I was always struck how, in the old historic records, females are often described as manipulative, scheming, underhanded, controlling, and often violent people.  They often pitted people against each other to get their way, lying and starting rumors, among other things.  They are seldom portrayed as saints.   There is the lack of a loving and caring person as we hear more recently.

That fact is that before all the romance and chivalry stuff females were not portrayed as loving and caring people all that much.  This suggests, of course, that it is chivalry and romance which created the image.  Chivalry was created by the knights, particularly in France, which often described a very proper almost ritualistic association with the female based on ideas of nobility.  After a while this turned into romanticism which seemed to climax in the 1800’s in the Victorian era and, accordingly, effected Victorian culture.   Most of the image of the female we have now originates from this era.  Another element, I believe, that helped create this image is the veneration of the Virgin Mary by the Catholic church.  She was portrayed, usually, as this pure saintly holy mother of Jesus – and, therefore, God – that became the image of the ultimate in the female.  Here, no doubt, is where the female began to be portrayed as a ‘saint’. 

But all this has fallen away.  In a way, it seems that, as a result of feminism destroying chivalry and romance, we are now finding out what the ancient people already knew.  The great veil has been taken off the female.  Females have, basically, lost their innocence as a result of feminism. 

It’s become apparent that chivalry and the romantic notion of things greatly distorted the image of the female.  We’ve been living under an illusion for centuries as a result of this notion.

Oddly, females – especially feminists – are reluctant to shed this image as it places them in a position of power.  They are trying to continue this illusion as it favors their cause.

But its time, I think, to look at the female for what she is.  The Victorian chivalrous romantic era is gone.  There is no sanctity with the female.  There is no reason to put them on a pedestal.  They are not saints or angels.  They can be scheming, manipulative, corrupt, and violent people.  Females are not necessarily any more loving and caring than a male is either.  Frankly, there is nothing particularly great about them (at least that I can see). 


It’s time to relearn what the ancient people already knew . . .

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