Is dating nothing but brown-nosing the female?

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who has also had problems with girls, never married, and says he probably won’t.  He made an interesting statement.  He said that girls probably don’t like him because he doesn’t suck up to them.  That surprised me as I’ve been saying that for years. 

I have always felt that females don’t hang around me because I don’t cater to them all that much.  I don’t sit and bow down to them like a lot of guys do. 

It appears to me that this seems to be a big part of dating.  In fact, it seems to be what dating is all about.

Even when you listen to guys talk about dating you can see that a lot of the dating game is nothing but catering to, sucking up to, and brown-nosing the female.  Us guys have to do it the ‘right way’ or else they won’t have anything to do with us.  In fact, from my experience, a lot of dating advice is nothing but trying to figure out how to brown-nose them the ‘right way’. 

Everything, it seems, revolves around the female and what she wants.  Hardly ever have I seen a female bend for me or make concessions for me.  It’s their way or else . . .

To me, brown-nosing the female so she’ll like me has the quality of a devaluation of human relationships.  Not only that, it is degrading to me.  I detest it and I detest seeing other guys doing it. 

That’s not the way to start off a life-long relationship in my opinion!

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