Some thoughts on the usefullness of the military

Lately, I’ve begun to feel that the military, in many ways, is outdated and outmoded.

The idea of invading countries and having to have a military to defend yourself against invaders seem almost ludicrous now.  This era, I feel, has ended.  It seems the military is really more of a security guard force than anything else.  We do not need to have this big massive military with billion dollar weapons.  A modern military is now so expensive to use and maintain that its ridiculous.  Do we really gain anything by having a large military?  I don’t feel so, except a big bill.

It’s almost like the whole military ‘idea’ needs to be thought about again.  It needs to be thought about by people not trained in the military tradition either (such as at West Point), as we know where their thoughts will lead. 

My feelings is that the military is now nothing but the nations ‘security guard’.  They are no different than the guards who guard banks and other places. We don’t, I feel, need a large army either.  I do agree they need to have access to better weapons and have more training. 

I am also very much against the military invading countries.  If the military invades another country it better have a good reason for doing it (so far I’ve not seen any lately).   The military, in my opinion, should be primarily a domestic-oriented force focused on the domestic situation.  They should not concern themselves with problems and affairs going on in other countries.  It would be wise, though, to have a branch of the military who monitors the world situation but they should take no action unless there is no other choice.

I’ve often wondered if that, nowadays, there should be a branch of the government or military, perhaps, which actually tries to find ways to avoid military conflict.  I don’t know if thats practical but it seems it would be wise to have a very experienced ‘negotiating force’ that goes in before any military action is considered.

Oftentimes nowadays, the military helps out in disasters and other calamities.  This would even further their role into ‘disaster management’.  Perhaps they are really more of a ‘security guard-police-disaster management organization’ nowadays?   One things for sure is that they are not like what they used to be.  It seems to me that if we start to define exactly what their intention and purpose is nowadays then we could better make use of this organization.  We will also be better able to ‘design’ it so it can be the best use for the country. 

To keep them as ‘protectors of freedom’ is like keeping the traditions of the knight alive when there is no need for the knight anymore.   Who is going to threaten our ‘freedom’ nowadays?  There is a story, I think, that best fits this scenario we’re now dealing with.  It is called Don Quixote.  In it this guy thinks and pretends he’s a knight.  The problem is that the era of the knight is over.  This, then, makes this story sort of a comedy.  In the same way, the modern military has become a comedy, a bunch of people running around with billion dollar weapons speaking of ‘threats’ and ‘enemies’ that don’t exist.  In a way, Don Quixote best sums up the modern military.

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