Some thoughts on the immigration problem

Lately, we’ve had a lot of problems with the mexicans crossing the border.  I agree:  It is a problem.

What amazes me is that people are making such a big deal about it.  Why is this an issue at all?

When I went to England I did everything to find out what was required to enter the country . . . and that was only for vacation!  I wanted to make sure I was there legally and had the proper documentation.  I took everything they requested:  proof that I am staying there on vacation, proof that I have the means and the funds to pay for my stay, and I even had a written statement from my boss saying I was going to be back at work!  I did everything they requested.  I also understand that when I go into another country they have the right to kick me out for whatever reason.  NOT ONCE DID I DISPUTE THIS! 

But, yet, here in the US people are coming into our country illegally, sneaking over the border.  They steal peoples social security numbers and such to get jobs, welfare, and that.  They go to the emergency rooms to get free treatment.  When they go to the doctors they say they can’t pay for it so you-know-who ends up paying for it.   They’ve bankrupted California, the third largest economy in the world (or so I’m told).  They bring crime, drugs, and such over.   And when you see a mexican mother they seem to always have a lot of kids.  How are they going to pay for them?  How do you think?  The US citizen ends up paying for that – we’re all paying for them.  Many of them won’t even make an effort to learn english.  All they do is bring over their poor mexican culture here without no effort, even, to integrate into the society.  They’ve cost the US billions of dollars. 

And the list of abuses goes on. 

What do you mean these people shouldn’t be deported?  They are coming over here illegally to take advantage of the system.  What are you thinking?

But I blame the US for this problem too.  They’ve let this go on for so long. Other countries wouldn’t tolerate such stuff.  But, yet, the US has let this go on and on for years to the point that its not only out of control but they’ve let all these ideas and opinions come in that all of a sudden make it OK to do what they’re doing.  They’ve begun to use US ideas to get their way.  I lost a lot of respect for these people when they claimed that they should automatically be made US citizens some time ago.  Think about it!  They come in illegally and DEMAND to be made a US citizen.  Unbelievable.  I recall when many of them claimed that they were what kept the US economy going.  It’s still a joke that when you see a mexican you say something like, “there’s the people who hold our society together.”  I just can’t believe people have the audacity to claim those things.

It appears to me that many are here for one thing – to take advantage of the system.  They’re here because the US allows them to be here and won’t do anything about it.  It was in the 90’s that I began to say the mexicans look like ‘leeches’.  They appear to be leeching off the system to me, like some parasite.  To be frank, I have always looked at these people with contempt for that reason.

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