Thoughts on the ‘guessing game law’

It was in High School, over 25 years ago, that I coined the word ‘guessing game law’.   The reason why I came up with it is simple:  I could never figure out what the law was.  It was like a guessing game.   The name is more valid now than it was then as I’m still not quite sure what the law is.

In the years since I called it that I could see that law is nothing but one big thing to distort.  It’s been so distorted and twisted out of shape that I can’t make out what is right or wrong anymore.  They change the law so many times that there’s no consistency. 

Over the years I’ve begun to question the law.  Frankly, I’ve lost faith in it.  Quite a few times I’ve nearly went up and told the judges what I thought of their ‘law’.  But why?   It won’t do anything. 

The law, lawyers, and judges seem more like a joke than anything else. 

They’ve allowed so many technicalities to come into the legal system that the only people who understand it are the lawyers.  If only the lawyers can understand it then how can someone be expected to know it?  Not only that, how can someone be judged by that?  But many people are being judged by laws they never understood or knew about.  They are often judged by technicalities that only cunning lawyers would even notice.  Where’s the justice in that!

They’ve allowed the lawyers to practically control the law.  But all the lawyers have done is to distort the law.  Their intention, remember, is to win, not to carry out justice.  The net result of the ‘lawyer rule’ is the law becomes distorted, a joke . . . the condition we now face.

In addition, we all know that almost all lawyers are greedy people.  I’ve often wondered if it is a requirement to get into law school that you have to prove yourself a greedy person willing to do anything to win.  Many lawyers behave as if they have no respect for the law, as if the law is something for them to use as they wish.  It seems that the law needs to be protected from the lawyers to me.

There are more times than once when I thought the legal system was outdated.  It seems so ridiculous.  It’s become a big useless expensive show.   I’ve heard many judgements of the law and, sometimes, I think I could do a wiser judgement than they can.  There seems to be something wrong with the law and how it works. 

I’ve mentioned, many times, that we ought to teach people the law and have classes on it.  In school they should have classes that tell us what is right and wrong, what crimes will be punished, and what those punishments are.  One reason for this is so that everyone will know what’s right or wrong and when someone is punished no one will be shocked about it.  I have always felt that many people do things not knowing they’re breaking the law.  In a way, they are victims of the negligence of the legal system to educate the people about the law.  This is something the legal system has failed in horribly. 

Our whole lives can be ruined by the law and yet no one knows anything about it or understands it.

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