Thoughts on the male ego

The male ego has always mystified me.  This is primarily because it can be so arrogant and seemed to have no purpose.  There’s also sort of a disgust that surrounds it.

But after some observation and reflection I began to feel that there was more to it. 

I felt that, at one time, the male ego was necessary in life.  In fact, when we lived in nature it was a necessity.  We would be in a world of hurt without it.  Now that we live in civilization it has made the ‘male ego’ useless.  It’s now become a distorted remnant of a lifestyle no longer led.  It’s sort of like a useless appendage in a way.  In some respects, it’s become like a comedy.

Basically, the ‘male ego’ is nothing but an artificial confidence.  It makes the male think he can do things, even though he hasn’t done it.  Why was this so needed?  Because, without it, the male would never of done a lot of things required to sustain life.  In a way, it gave him a courage to confront the world.  This artificial confidence gave him the courage to hunt dangerous animals, to venture across wasteland, to travel across seas, go to war, etc. 

I call it an artificial confidence because it is a confidence before the fact.  Normally, we gain confidence as a result of experience.  This innate confidence comes before any experience.  As a result, it gives the male confidence and courage to do things before he’s done it.  Without that confidence and courage he probably wouldn’t of done it. 

Can you imagine an Eskimo fighting a walrus without some sort of confidence?  Can you imagine the seas being explored without some sort of confidence?  Can you imagine a warrior going into battle without it?  And what about travelling to the moon?  And so on.

In a way, the ‘male ego’ is what allowed humanity to do all sorts of things and to develop what it has become.  Without the ‘ego’ humanity would never of done much.  In a way, it was the ‘ego’ that made us different from the animals.  It made us rise above the animals.  It was not intelligence, as is often maintained nowadays.  It was the ‘ego’ that inspired intelligence, creativity, imagination, inventiveness, religion, philosophy, etc.. 

What this also implies is that humanity was inspired by an innate tendency and not by experience or success, as is often maintained.  It suggests that nature, really, is the great inspiration of humanity, and instinctual tendency was the guide and the ‘push’. 

It seems the ‘male ego’ is a neglected aspect of life.  It is something that has been far too influential and has impacted us so much to be forgotten.  But, yet, it is seldom mentioned in a good beneficial light.

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