Thoughts on overpopulation

I believe the world is overpopulated to the point of crisis. It’s been like that for centuries, though it may not seem like it. Most of Western societies problems is caused by overpopulation for at least 500 years. I’m not sure for the rest of the world in the past. In the past 50 years, though, a lot of the world’s problems are now caused by it.

All the conflict and tension with politics and economy: What do you think caused that? Was it all caused by ‘evil’ government?

All the stuff that has undermined society, the family, male and female identity: What do you think caused that? Do you think it’s just ‘change’?

In many ways, it seems to me, overpopulation is one of the greatest threats to humanity. Oddly, the problems it’s caused has been blamed on too many other things, creating what I consider ‘myths’ in the interpretation of history. Never, as far as I’ve seen, has overpopulation been looked at seriously with its impact on historical events. It’s effects has been blamed on God, the Catholic church, the King, the government, Capitalism, Communism, on a ‘male dominated society’, and so on. In fact, democracy, individualism, feminism, etc. are all stemming from the tensions overpopulation created.
What western society has done, in particular, is to soften the blow of overpopulation by creating or changing things. If it caused political tensions, we blamed the King (who seldom had anything to do with the problems) and glorified a leaderless government – democracy. If the old farming economy couldn’t support the people and caused a poor class we developed capitalism. When there were too many poor and needing, we developed machines, the steam engines, etc. to help feed and cloth them. But all this softening is just stalling for time. It’s an illusion. The mechanisms created to soften the blow of overpopulation are, themselves, more damaging after a while. Democracy destroyed authority, religion, morality, and, in turn, undermined the family and male/female identity and purpose creating a society with philosophies (like feminism) that undermines human institutions. This is now a trait of the modern world – the destruction of culture. The technology and economic machine created is now damaging the physical world and its resources. It’s left a pile of garbage of old cars, landfills, etc. It’s turned all of us into people who can’t live without a cellular phone or TV. What is now being created is a whole world now dependent and addicted to a system that’s on the road to failure. It can’t go on forever. How long do you think this system will last? How long do you think we can go on manufacturing this and that? How long do you think we can keep taking resources out of the ground? How long do you think the population can keep growing and growing and growing? This system will fail or slowly cease to function at some point. When that happens we’re going to have a whole world dependent on it. That’s a scary thought.

This is why I think we need to foster new ways and styles of living in the world. The US, in particular, seems like it’s trying to convert the whole world to its political/economic way of life so that there is only one style of government and one economy. That’s what we don’t need. What we need are different styles of life and different economic systems. If a country wants to be communist or anything else, let them try it, as long as they aren’t hurting anybody.

To entrap an overpopulated world into one economic system and government system is, frankly, frightening.


How do you define overpopulation? What exactly does this mean?

If I live in a town in rural America and there are no jobs so I move to a city. Can you say that the town has become overpopulated?
If I live in a country that requires it to be industrialized or face living in poverty. Can that be considered as overpopulation?

To me, overpopulation is when you take an existing condition that supports the population, that’s usually been there for centuries, and there becomes a time when the system can’t support the people. This usually causes:
1. People to move away.
2. Internal conflicts between the people, ranging from civil war to class struggle. Very few people realize that a lot of the internal problems of many countries are actually caused by this, not be ‘evil’ governments or ‘shifty’ people.
3. The development of technology, usually, that allows more people to be sustained. Historically, the effects of this technology tends to be destructive over a long period of time.
4. The exploitation of other lands to supply the needs of your people.

The condition of overpopulation has existed for centuries. Usually, they are localized, affecting a region or a country and are sporadic, happening from time to time. But in the past 50 years we’re seeing systems that can’t support their people going beyond countries, practically into continents that are lasting decades.

What do you think a ‘third world’ country is? And what do you think caused a lot of ‘third world’ countries? Basically, they are the victim of the countries who were already dealing with their overpopulation. To make a long story short, they were ‘exploited’ by these countries which turned them into ‘third world’ countries. The great bulk of these countries were not that way until the modern world came.

The more time goes on the more we’re going to see the varying effects of overpopulation. To me, it is a defining trait of the current era.

(I probably wrote this in 2009)

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