Thoughts on the overvaluation of education

The US, I feel, overvalues education beyond belief.  They think that it’s everything.  It’s the great ideal for a kid to do well in school.  Over the years I found this to be otherwise. 

I spent years studying things.  I got my A’s, graduated in this and that.  I’ve been to the Technical College and the University.  I pursued the education ideal, studied hard and all that.  What I found is that education isn’t all that great.  It is very overrated.  It doesn’t make people better.  It doesn’t improve them either, nor do I think it really prepares them for the world as much as they say.  Interestingly, I’ve found it doesn’t necessarily make people smarter either. 

But yet they keep cramming things into kid’s heads.  I feel sorry for the poor kids nowadays, who have to go through all the schooling and having to learn crap they don’t need to know or will never use.  Why do they need to know all that stuff?  Most forget it when they walk out of the classroom anyways.  They are now required to learn this, that, and the other thing.  The poor kids nowadays have so much homework that they often don’t have much of a life after school.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s like robbing children of their childhood.

It seems like such a waste.

To sit and make all the kids try to become one thing, like a scholar, is ludicrous.  In many ways, that’s what the US is trying to do.  Only a small percentage are of a scholarly nature at all.  Most people just coast through it anyways. 

I still believe that most kids should mostly learn the basics, like reading, writing, and basic math.  They should have classes that tell them a little (but not too much) about things like geography, the history of their country, the natural world, and perhaps a bit on how things work.  They should teach them stuff that is used in the real world, too, like balancing a checkbook and such.  I feel a lot of kids should actually spend more time on crafts of various sorts, unstead of spending time in the classroom.  It would be better for them to make things with their hands than to figure trigonometric problems.  In effect, they should be teaching the kids to be people doing everyday practical things, not scholars. 

I once remarked that I think it would be better if high school kids had to go do some work-like situation in the real world (like an apprenticeship) than take classes like advanced algebra or zoology.  I still believe that too.

If a person intends on going into some field that requires more education then they, and only they, should be the ones who take those classes. 

I do feel that there is a complete lack, nowadays, of any moral-like teaching.  Many kids need this more than taking a class on Latin or any other advanced class. 

Frankly, kids nowadays need classes on a belief.  They need something to believe in and to model themselves after.  This is sorely lacking in the US.  Since it’s a crime to do anything remotely relating to religious belief in the US there’s no way to teach a belief. 

So what’s left?  An education based in facts and figures – the modern education.  A dead, dry, useless education of things that don’t really matter and that doesn’t mean anything. 

I sometimes think that schooling is just a way to keep kids occupied so they don’t get into trouble.  I feel there is truth to this.  It basically places all the kids in a manageable situation.  It keeps them under control.  This is just further proof that education is a myth and is overrated. 

Also, I once remarked to a relative of mine:  “I would much rather see you grow up to be a good happy person than successful at school or work.”  I believe that too.

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