Thoughts on managing Asperger’s Syndrome???

Here’s one of my thoughts:

I tend to have this notion that the Asperger’s condition has a lot to do with over concentration and over sensitivity.  As a result, I tend to feel the “managing” of these qualities is very important.  But it seems that there are three versions of this “managing” that must be dealt with:

1. The old established problems and difficulties that this condition has already created.

2. The bad habits this conditioned developed.

3. Trying to create new habits by “managing” your over concentration and sensitivity.

In the first version we are dealing with deep inner problems that this condition has created that has taken years to develop.  These are the ones that have affected us deeply and interiorly.  Some of these can be very deep.  They are not that easy to rid ourselves of, if they can be at all.  I can see a spectrum of dealing with these problems:  from being able to resolve them to learning to deal with them to suffering their effects all your life.  I would think most people would have variations of all three.

In the second version we are dealing with the bad habits developed over years of having this problem.  I often feel that a lot of the problems are actually bad habits that have become ingrained within us.  They are different from the former version because they are not a “problem”, really, but a reaction to a problem that we start to do and continue to do out of habit.  Perhaps, in some cases, we’re reacting to a problem that may not even exist anymore . . . just because we got used to it!  Sometimes, though, I think it can be hard to tell the difference between this group and the former version.  It’s not easy to rid ourselves of these habits.  I think having an attitude of “unlearning” is a good start.

In the third version we try to “manage” our concentration and sensitivity in our lives today.  What we want to do is to develop good and healthy habits that will take these qualities and use them in a good and healthy way.  The first step here is to be aware of this fact and to put yourself in a place where they do not control you.  This requires a lot of time observing yourself and being aware of yourself.  In regard to over concentration you need to watch yourself that you don’t get too involved with something or take things too seriously.  Personally, I feel it’s good to learn to “not concentrate” on things, of just sitting for long periods of time without thinking or doing anything.  In addition, it’s good to find things to concentrate on that are productive and beneficial in life and have value, and not trivial stuff.  In regard to oversensitivity you need to avoid things that, from experience, bother you.  In effect, it seems that, since we’re dealing with an oversensitivity, what we need to do is learn “under sensitivity”, as if to counter react its effects.  At the same time, we want to divert its qualities in a good and healthy direction.  I tend to feel that many problems are created because its qualities are not going in the right direction.  When they are like that, they are like a runaway train, going out of control.  But when the train is on the tracks on time and under control then it’s actually a good thing.  It seems that learning to “manage” these things take a long period of time and its effects are not felt immediately.  In some sense, it’s like a training. 

 (I wrote this in probably 2008)

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