On the uselessness of opinions and points of view . . . failed belief

Over the years I’ve learned how opinions and points of view are really useless.  There was a time when an idea meant something, where an opinion had value.  Those days seem long gone.   My experience is that no one cares much.

One thing, for sure, is that there are simply too many opinions.  The world has been inundated with ideas, opinions, and points of view that everything has become a big blur.  As I write here on the internet I could see that, once I say something, it is immediately buried under a mess load of other opinions.  Why even bother, I often wonder? 

The opinion that is ‘valued’ seems to be valued more because it somehow affects the masses than if its true or not.  In other words, the opinions that matter aren’t the ones that are the best but the ones that appeals to the general population the most.  Truth of ideas is now determined by mass mentality than by anything else.  Mass mentality, though, is like a herd of sheep . . . and that’s what’s determining which idea matters! 

I have also found that, since there is no longer a culture or belief system, there is a tendency for many opinions and points of view to lack consistency and a ‘connection’ with other ideas and people.  This makes many opinions and points of view seem isolated, ‘personal’, or ‘just another opinion’, devaluing their worth.

I also feel that we really don’t need ideas at this time in history.  In fact, I feel that, most of the time in history, ‘new’ ideas aren’t needed at all.  It’s only at certain times that there is a real ‘need’ for them.  Nowadays, we are all idea’d out anyways.  As I always say, “we have become over-thought”.  This only makes them even more useless.

And I’m sure we could say a lot more . . .

All this is rather shocking after being brought up with the neoclassical tradition of science, knowledge, ideas, and all that.  That era preceded ours . . . and it worshipped ideas.  Now, in the post neoclassical era, we’re finding that this is no longer true.  Unfortunately, I was brought up with the neoclassical point of view that knowledge and ideas are everything.  But, when all that becomes nothing, now what does one do?  Belief has been destroyed, culture has been destroyed, opinions have been destroyed . . . now what?  It’s as if any ‘apprehension of the mind’ by humanity is being eaten away . . . slowly, bit by bit, through the centuries.  If it keeps eroding like this what will be left?  Perhaps, one day, imagination will be eroded and made useless?  Maybe a future generation will be saying, “why imagine anything . . . it’s useless?”

It’s almost looks like the mind of man is eroding to me, being eaten away by civilization and, oddly, knowledge. 

It seems to me that the real battle is the battle for a belief of some sort that is founded on some ‘apprehension of the mind’, like an idea or image.  It’s not the ‘apprehension of the mind’ that’s in crisis but the belief that it sustains and which it nourishes.  When ideas, opinions, etc. are undermined it seems the belief behind them is undermined . . . and this seems to be what’s happening.

I often feel that if the era before ours was the ‘gaining-of-knowledge era’.  This should be the ‘gaining-of-belief era’.  It seems to me that we have dealt enough with ideas, opinions, knowledge, facts, etc.  We have beat that horse to death.  The problem is that how does one have a belief without some form of ‘apprehension of the mind’?  How can one believe without a formal religious belief, without a formal culture, without a formal political belief, etc.?  These have all been undermined.  In effect, it’s more likely this will become the ‘failed belief era’ than anything else. 

I sometimes speak of people nowadays as just ‘hanging on’.  This means that they are going along with the flow barely hanging on to some relevancy because the world nowadays is way beyond them and they cannot relate with it.  There’s nothing, really, to believe in so they just pitter patter around in life, watching TV, mowing lawns, going to work thinking that when they retire a utopia will start, etc. 

It seems that there is really no real social movements or changes much anymore either.  From where I stand, the ‘human front’ seems to be stagnating . . . as a result of the modern world. 

I fear, though, that if something does happen, a movement or idea that changes things, that it has the potential of being catastrophic (in the worst case scenario).  This is because of the size of humanity and the system that sustains it.  With as large as humanity is and all the interconnection nowadays, a ripple can go a long ways.  If there is any big change my guess is that it is more likely to break down the bonds of humanity and the system than anything else.  In effect, it will regress humanity back to similar conditions as we saw in recent history – small groups of people (like countries) making war with one another or trading with one another, having to fend for themselves.  Under these conditions, we will probably be forced to believe in something, perhaps for our lives. 

Belief becomes strongest in conditions of crisis, in conflict, in life threatening situations, or in conditions of great seriousness.  These conditions aren’t all that prevalent anymore . . . even the seriousness of living life.  The belief we had before this era was the ‘naturally occurring belief’ that came from our ancestor’s confrontation with life.  This belief, all that they have done, has been undermined for many of us.  Their ‘apprehensions of the mind’ have been practically thrown away:  their attitudes, ideals, philosophies, dogma, images, culture, etc.  As a result, we are no longer in the ‘naturally occurring belief’ era, as it is no longer with us.  What era are we in now then?

With all the reasons why belief isn’t that important that I hear nowadays we will find that, in actuality, it will be belief that will determine the fate of humanity . . . and its direction.  It will be belief that will determine its relevancy and worth.  It will be belief that will give humanity its value in the world.  As a result of this, the undermining and devaluing of philosophies, opinions, ideas, etc., as well as the belief they contain, which is so prevalent nowadays, is more like a form of suicide of humanity, a form of self destruction, a self lobotomy.  Unfortunately, this is what it looks like to me. Perhaps we have begun the ‘era of the lobotomized humanity’?

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