My introduction to the working world . . .

Here is an interesting event that happened to me.  This took place in about 1984 or 85.  I was in college taking my drafting classes.  There was a teacher that I really admired.  He taught architectural drafting and construction.   One day he got us younger kids in the class and told us something that I still can’t believe.  I can’t recall it exactly but the gist of if went like this:

“You boys are outdated.  You guys just aren’t good enough anymore.  The female is so much better than you guys are.  They’re going to dominate the drafting field.  There’s no way you can compete with them.  They’re just knocking you guys down.”  He went on to say how they can sit all day and don’t get restless whereas we guys get uptight and become ineffective after awhile, they are more meticulous and detail oriented (???), and so on.   Apparently, we guys aren’t worth crap as draftsman, even though we’re the ones who created it.

Later me and one of the guys sat and talked about it.  We couldn’t believe it.  It was like a shock, like being told you’re a worthless human being.  For me, it was sort of devastating .  I felt useless and like crap.  

And so my introduction to the working world was being told I was useless and that the female was so much better than I was.

Thanks a lot!

Later, as I got to know him better, I began to see that he was a pussy whipped coward who put the female on a pedestal.  One of the students, who I talked to about what happened, said that there was a female student there who somehow got on his good side.  I never had a class with her but I heard the stories about what she’d say.  I saw her a few times though.  She was ‘Little Miss She’s-Equal-Now’ and sat and knocked the male and talked of the superiority of the female.  In one of the few times I heard her speak she sat and lectured everyone on how the male was so inferior and the female was a superior, almost perfect, person.  I wish I could remember what she said exactly.   I think she said that the female was going to dominate the world and was a stronger person.  I have this recollection that she claimed the female is the one who created civilization and the male is only imitating what the female did.  Her attacks toward the male were very personal and many of us sat stunned by it.  For me, that’d be the first time I’d see someone sit and knock people in their faces . . . for no reason.  I can still remember her sitting at the drafting table with her legs crossed all so smug and satisfied with herself.  It was sort of nauseating actually.  It appeared she talked the teacher into thinking like that.  It’s interesting to note that I saw the plans she drew and they weren’t really that good.  If I recall right, they resembled a child’s picture.

But here I am – a draftsman for almost 20 years – and I still don’t see the female dominating the drafting field.  It takes a lot more to be a good draftsman than being able to sit all day and being a little detail oriented and having a pussy whipped coward to support you.

(I wrote this in about late 2009 or early 2010)

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