Some thoughts on the “insult” of the modern female – the effects of their hidden ‘projected self-degradation’ through everything else

Some time ago I said that after all these years I’ve found that the ‘modern female’ has become nothing but a big “insult”.  What I mean by this is that they have developed attitudes, views and behavior that seem to degrade everything and in many different ways.  In this way, they are as if insulting everyone.

Insult of the male

They insult the male in many ways, such as:

  • They talk of ‘male dominated’ this or that, as if the male conspired to ‘dominate’ everything.  They have the gall to accuse the male of plotting against them and trying to degrade them.  They sit and tell the male how they’re oppressing them . . . after all the crap the male gave them – peace, prosperity, material crap, an organized safe society, and ‘freedom’.  What other society has given the female that much?  What other society has done so much for the female?  And they accuse the male for plotting against them?
  • They seem to think that they can just walk into things the male created, like it’s some right of theirs.  This is the stuff that they never had anything to do with nor help create . . . they just want to take from what someone else created.
  • They act like they are supposed to be treated like males, as if male and female are the ‘same’, something that has never happened in the world.  Some girls even act like the males is supposed to treat them like “one of the guys” and that the male is just supposed to ‘accept them as part of their group’.
  • They sit and compete with the male.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw girls competing with their boyfriends, trying to outdo them.  I’ve seen marriages where the relationship is based on ‘who can out-man the other’.  Can you believe it?  They will also get into ‘male interests’ and make a concerted effort to try to outdo every male, as if that is supposed to prove something, that she is a ‘man’.
  • They intrude into much of ‘male life’ and have, in some cases, sought to destroy it.  I’ve heard guys say that about the only private place a male can have, nowadays, is his garage.  Girls have even tried to get into the Boy Scouts for crying out loud!
  • They are too easy to paint the male out as some horrible person wanting to damage, hurt, or enslave them in some way.  I’ve seen some girls who act like the only purpose of the male is to try and hurt them in some way.
  • They’ve made it so that a male has to walk on his tippy-toes when he is around them.  He must watch everything he says, does, and even thinks.  He must be careful, even, if a female may even overhear a conversation.  If he does something that a female views as bad than he could get in trouble.  God help us all if he ‘offends’ a modern female!

Insult of the female

They insult the female in many ways, such as:

  • In my life I have seen too many females portray the female as something horrid and terrible, almost as if being female is going to kill them.  Quite a few girls see anything female as something ‘bad’.  In general, many modern females have poor views of what a female is and what females have done all these centuries.  Any “traditional” female activity has been ridiculed and condemned by many modern females.
  • Its not uncommon for them to portray the female as some ‘abused’ person.  Typically, they paint themselves out as a ‘victim’, ‘oppressed’, or ‘enslaved’ in some way.  I’ve seen many females who view the female hood from this stance, as if that’s all a female is.  Because of this, they have a really bad view of themselves.
  • Many modern females are trying to flee the female hood.  They are trying to ‘not be female’ as much as possible.   Many females will avoid female things like the plague.  I was stunned to hear girls condemn female things that have been here since the beginning of time, such as girls concern over clothes, and cooking, and being mothers.
  • Many modern females seek to be like males, emulating male values, and doing male things.  In fact, this is so common that it is a defining quality of the modern female.  There are many modern females who have completely discarded female qualities, identities, activities, and such and are now trying to replace it with the male equivalent.
  • The arrogance of the modern female has astounded me.  I’ve seen many modern females claim all this ‘special power’ that they have, as if the world revolves around them.  It’s not uncommon that they think they are the only people who can ‘love’ or create ‘peace’.  Oftentimes, I’ve heard many females talk as if everything that is good is because of them.  Some females even preach a ‘superiority’.  I’ve even heard many girls talk about how better off the world would be if they ran it.  In actuality, there is no reason to think that.  No matriarchy (where female run the society) ever created a great civilization in history.  No matriarchy created a civilization, a belief system (not even a religion), an art system, trades and crafts, a science or anything like that, and they never seem adequate to defend themselves.  Look around you . . . who do you think created all that?  It was the guys.  Look at the building you’re in.  Who created the technique to build the building?  Who created the economy to sustain it and the means to manufacture and supply the building materials?  Who created the standards and laws to make everything safe?  Who created a safe society to do all this in?  You know who was responsible . . . and they’re saying that they are the ‘obvious’ people to control things?  It’s just all part of the blind arrogance of the modern female.
  • I’ve heard many females talk like the ‘modern female’ is this great history-sweeping thing, as if the female has come in and caused all this great stuff in the world.  What do you mean?  Practically everything the modern female does is on the back of the male.  Many will blame the ‘oppressive males’, as if they deliberately conspired to prevent it, but it is primarily because they are no longer doing female things and following female activities.  This is because they have abandoned all that so can try to be men or do male things.  Naturally, this makes it so that all they do is on the back of the male.  As a result, they use the trade and institutions the male created, they use the science the male created, use the economy the male built, etc.   Everything they do is in the midst of the prosperity and peace and organization the male created.  They’re just following in the males footsteps, standing on the males backs.  Many will then “take the credit” for it, as if they were responsible.
  • One thing that has always insulted me is how females seem to take the credit for many things, as if they are responsible for them, but in which they really have nothing to do with.  A good example is the reason why many females are put in positions of ‘power’ or influence or have some fancy job.  The fact is that they are put there because the LAW says they have to be.  In other words, most females would never be there if it wasn’t because the legal system said they have to be there (in the name of equality!).  They are not really there because they are the best for the job or by earning it necessarily.  The truth is that if there were no laws few, if any, females would have these things.  You have got to remember that not even a lot of the males could have them either!  But the male had no law to ‘help’ them.  The female, on the other hand, had the law to help her.  All through the centuries the male has had to earn everything he got, he had to fight for their place in society . . . nowadays, the law gives it to the females.  To me, that’s insulting and unfair to the guys.  I know many males who feel the same way.
  • And, after the female has fled her female hood and tried to be a man (which many modern females do), what contribution have they made to it all?  After all that’s happened what, really, has the modern female done?  Have they really contributed anything to society?  My feelings is that if the female were taken out of the sciences, government, work force, the military, etc. would we really suffer?  I don’t think we would.  In other words, the female fleeing the female hood has not really benefited society at all.
  • Many modern females have no self-respect or dignity.  What many think is self-respect or dignity is actually arrogance or conceitedness, or self-glorification.  Not only that, many have no respect or dignity of the female hood in general.  I was surprised to see many modern females would even portray the females that came before them as some horrid thing . . . they don’t even have respect for their predecessors!  Many modern females have little respect for what the female is or things associated with it, such as motherhood.

Insult of society in general

They insult society in many ways, such as:

  • They are too easy to accuse and blame people.  Oftentimes, this is done for ridiculous and asinine reasons.  They especially like to accuse and blame the male and society.   In doing all this accusation and blaming, it makes them appear innocent.  But what they have actually done is dragged in innocent people into their problems.  After watching this for decades I feel that many modern females are really nothing but the ‘victimizers’ of innocent people and society . . . something they say is being done to them.  Isn’t that interesting . . .
  • They sit and try to turn the female into a male and a male into a female.  The deride and degrade the male and female identities, hacking it to death.  The modern female has done more to destroy sexual identity than any other thing in history as near as I can tell.  A lot of this is based in their own poor view of a female and what a female is.
  • They no longer take the part of a ‘female’ or ‘woman’ or even a ‘wife’.  Many younger females don’t even know what these things are anymore.  The modern female has all but destroyed all that.
  • Because they don’t take the role of a ‘female’ or ‘woman’ or even a ‘mother’ the family, especially, has taken quite a hit.  In addition, marriages have also suffered.  How can a social system exist when one person doesn’t play their part?  My observation is that the modern female is instrumental in the degradation and failure of the family and marriage.
  • If society and, especially, the male, doesn’t do what they want then they make a political and legal issue out of it.  In other words, they use politics and the law to get their way.  Typically, they portray themselves as the ‘oppressed’ or the ‘victim’, as I said above.  The male, of course, becomes the ‘tyrant’ and ‘oppressor’.  In this way, they are actually manipulating the system, abusing law and politics, and twisting it out of shape.  In other words, many modern females are nothing but a manipulator of the system.
  • They’ve turned society into an apprehensive society where we must be careful of everything we say, do, and think.  I know many people, especially males, who will purposely ‘be careful’ when they are around a modern female.  God help us all, we don’t want to violate her rights!  What kind of a situation is that, where we have to be careful every time we are around certain people?
  • They’ve made it so that society is based on their feelings or, rather, their over-reactions as well as their personal issues and problems.  As I said above, we must be careful what we say, do, and think around them for that very reason.  In this way, they as if ‘dragged’ society down to the level of their personal problems.

The end result

The end result of all this is a generalized insult toward all of us:   male, female, and society.  Much of the attitudes they have done have done nothing but cause a generalized deterioration of things.  They’ve degraded the male, the female, and society and have, as a result, caused a deterioration of them.  This degradation has, in large part, been hidden behind all the ‘high cause’, accusations, explanations, and such, that they have created.  In this way, it has remained ‘hidden’, even from themselves.  The fact, though, is that it has hidden a deeper reason for their behavior, but giving it an appearance of being legitimate.

My observation, over the years, has shown that a lot of this behavior is rooted in the modern females tendency to have a poor view of the female and what a female is Associated with this are poor views of themselves, creating feelings of low self-esteem, worthlessness, and such.  As part of the reaction to this, they have ‘projected’ this poor view of the female and themselves onto everything else and, in a way, ‘infected’ the world with it thereby creating a poor view of the world in general.  As a result, they see these poor views everywhere.  In other words, the modern female degrades everything because they degrade themselves.  Examples of this ‘projected self-degradation’ are these:

  • In how they view the female as ‘bad’, ‘oppressed’, a ‘victim’, ‘enslaved’, and such, naturally as a result of somebody else, such as the male or society . . . this makes them innocent.
  • In how they tend to flee the female hood, female things, and avoid being female . . . they want nothing to do with who they are – the real problem.
  • In how they try to be men, emulate male things, and take the place of the male . . . this way, they don’t have to confront the problem of being female.
  • In how they try to destroy the difference between male and female . . . again, to avoid their female hood.
  • In how they over react to things and ‘issues’ and make it so that everyone must walk on tippy toes around them and change our lives . . . to avoid their ‘problem of being female’.

One can see that all these are nothing but an attempt, by the modern female, to avoid who they are.  In effect, they are avoiding their own self-degradation and poor views of the female and themselves.  Therefore, by ‘projecting’ their self-degradation they avoid who they are.  But, in the process of doing this ‘projected self-degradation’, they end up degrading everything else.  It’s as if everything they touch is degraded in some way.  Because of this, they have degraded things such as:

  • The image of the female.
  • The male.
  • Society.

In many ways, they just drag everyone else into their problems.  Because of this, the real “insult” of the modern female is that they have made it so that we are all dragged into their personal problems of self-degradation based in their poor views of the female hood and themselves.

What this reveals is that the modern female is, in fact, in a crisis.  They are in a crisis of who they are and what the female is.  If females were ‘secure in their female hood’ then they wouldn’t be having this problem.


Copyright by Mike Michelsen  

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