The origins of my saying, “To not be liked by the American female IS a compliment”.

Another sad fact that you might find interesting:

Way back in the late 80’s I confronted the ‘jerk’ nonsense.  You know, how girls think the biggest jerk in the room is the greatest guy there is.  This was quite a shock to me, not only how prevalent it was but how forceful it was. 

Naturally, I was insulted.  As I watched this nonsense year after year I began to see that the ‘jerk’ nonsense really reflected the female state of mind and what type of female she was.  To make a long story short, I found that the female was attracted to low grade ‘jerks’ because they themselves were low grade people. 

As time went on I got to the point that I could practically guess what type of guy a certain girl would like.  It became predictable!  Knowing this, I found that the ‘jerk loving female’ was a good measure and gauge for the character of guys.  Many times since I’ve used ‘jerk loving females’  opinions of guys to determine if the guy was of good character or not.  If they like a guy he’s got to be low grade which often meant he was childish, manipulative, unreliable, has no loyalty, and such.  His only motive, usually, is to get into her pants no matter what it takes (but the female always has a knack at not noticing this!).

One day, I went up to a ‘jerk loving female’ and said, “do you find me attractive”.  Naturally she said, “No!”  I replied, “thanks for the compliment”.  You see that to not be liked by a female like that is a compliment because it says that I’m not this low grade jerk.

I began to see that IT WAS ACTUALLY A COMPLIMENT TO NOT BE LIKED BY THE ‘JERK LOVING FEMALE’, which is most American girls.  When I went to Europe I found that there were many girls there that seemed more mature, more ‘together’, and more stable than the American girls.  I seemed to be liked by these girls.  That, to me, is a compliment as those females seemed a better type of people.  When I got back to the US none of the females would have anything to do with me, but I’d sit and watch them go with the lowest grade guys there is.  That’s where I get the saying of mine:

“To not be liked by the American female IS a compliment.”

(I wrote this in about 2009)

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