An explanation of my saying: “I think we’re a little over-done”

It seems to me that humanity has done too much to the point of excess.  Humanity has become ‘over-done’.  Everything has been over-thought, over-discovered, over-reflected, over-built, over-manufactured, over-seen, over-achieved, over-acted . . . over-everything.  Everything has been done to the extreme.  What hasn’t been done?  Anything ‘new’ is just a continuation of something that already exists.  Most everything, really, is just a reiteration or variation of something that has already been done.  Very few things are really ‘new’ or ‘original’. 

It seems, at least to me, that there is a sense of ‘now what?’  Every time I think or do something it has already been done.  There is this sense of stagnation-in-the-midst-of-doing-things, that all we’re doing is spinning our wheels.  It’s as if all this doing has really, in the end, gotten us nowhere special.  That is to say, it’s all an illusion.  Perhaps that is the problem?  That doing is a lie, a myth.  That, in reality, doing was never that important, at least not as much as we made it out as.  We placed too much value on doing and achieving and discovering and not enough on living itself.  It’s as if we became intoxicated with doing things.  We’ve also become dependent on it as well.  We continually need ‘new’ things so we can think our lives are better.  But does it really make our lives better?  Are we any more happier as a result of all this doing?  It doesn’t seem like it to me. 

Do this, do that, achieve something new, discover a new fact . . . all this doing but, in reality, humanity has remained the same all through history with the same basic needs.  If humanity has not changed then what use is all this doing, discovery, and change?  It affects us, I agree, but it doesn’t change our humanity inside.  That . . . that has not changed.  We all have the same basic human needs as humanity had 1,000 years ago. 

I do agree that humanity must do some things.  All this doing stems from a basic human need.  But so does the impulse that starts a man drinking alcohol.  Its innocent at first, but it keeps going and going and becomes, after awhile, abusive.  In some ways, it seems humanity has done the same thing.   We’ve abused doing like an alcoholic abuses alcohol.  And like an alcoholic we have lost sight of things, struggling to get out of a pit we ourselves created.  We have become ‘overdone’.

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