The ‘Philosophy of Right’

While studying the cold war I began to notice an attitude the US had which greatly affected how it viewed itself and the world.  It’s sort of comical in a way.  The more I looked at the American mentality the more I could see its influence.  This attitude always had this tendency to make the US seem ‘right’ in everything.  As a result, I called it the ‘philosophy of right’.  I called it a philosophy because it is a world view that affects how the world is perceived and interpreted.  This philosophy has these traits:

–          A tendency to glorify your good points

–          A tendency to downplay your bad points

–          A tendency to glorify the bad points of other countries

–          A tendency to downplay the good points of other countries

The net result of all this is that anyone who takes this philosophy has this uncanny knack at being ‘right’ in everything and everyone else is ‘bad’.  Taking this point of view there is no way whatsoever to see your problems or the good in other countries.  I’ve had many discussions with various Americans who, by taking this point of view, could not see the problems in their own countries or would refuse to see the good found in other countries.  I fought with many people over this.  It created like a pig-headedness or a narrow minded viewpoint.  People refused to see things any other way.  It affected people’s whole interpretations of everything.   It was like some grand distortion of the world. 

But, looking at it now, this philosophy is taken by many people in many different ways.  In reality, it seems a common philosophy that’s held by many people.  It’s held on many different levels too, from interpreting other people’s countries and cultures to viewing your own neighbors and friends. 

It’s a philosophy that only leads to a warped or distorted view of things.  A person who takes this point of view will never understand things.  As such, it’s a viewpoint that should be avoided.

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