Do females have a socially destructive side?

Over the years I’ve naturally watched females and their behaviour.  This observation has created a thought which often runs through my head.  It’s a thought I’ve never heard anyone else say or mention.   I don’t know what to make of it though.  It basically goes like this:

The female was always restricted in what they could do and the influence they have in society.  They were also denied certain powers.  It is worldwide since the beginning of time.  It is seen even in primitive societies.  After watching females over the past some odd decades it seems to make sense. 

My observation seems to suggest that females have a quality that actually goes against society and undermines it.  In fact, it seems almost like an acid that eats away at things.  This means that females have an ‘anti-social’ quality within them in which the society must, in a way, be protected from.  As a result, it seems that many societies have taken measures so this aspect of the female does not get out of control.  Generally, this consists of restricting what they can do and not allowing them to have certain powers. 

Now that females are supposed to be ‘equal’ this destructive quality seems to be running rampant.  It seems that the female’s, and the pussy whipped men who support them, are a big factor in the breakdown of society, culture, marriage, families, relationships, the authority structure, etc.  Everywhere I turn I see examples of this. 

Not only do they seem to seek to destroy the social structure but they seem to warp and distort law and morality, twisting it so far out of shape that nobody knows what it is anymore.  They’re so paranoid and scared of everything they turn life into fearing what’s around each corner.  Threats are everywhere, the world is trying to degrade them.  They attack everything they ‘think’ is trying to hurt them (and they’re seldom right in their thinking).  They won’t take their place in the ‘social order’.  They scheme and plot to get their way.  They become power hungry trying to find more ways to have power over people.  Everything is looked at only from the context of themselves, and what they want, and what they think is hurting them.  The whole world is looked at in the context of their menstrual cramps.  Their emotions run and dominate everything.  They ‘leech’ off the male and try to be like men.  They blame people for their lack of self esteem and problems creating a mess load of ‘innocent victims’.  They are reactionary to life and not constructive in their outlook of things.  They never create things like a culture, a belief system, a law, a morality, etc.   Because of things like the above they have no common sense and are impractical.  And, it’s important to note, that their participation in society is not done with the intention of the general welfare of society, but their own welfare usually. 

I have found, in my inquiry of the old cultures, that the people centuries ago weren’t dumb and did things for a reason.  There was usually a wisdom in their actions.  Watching the situation now I can see that there is wisdom in the ways of the past and why things were done the way they were.  We, in the modern world, are losing wisdom and are paying for it.

(I wrote this in about 2009)

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