My reaction to the bar and party scene

I could never understand what the big deal was about going to a bar or party.  All you do, really, is stand around and shoot the bull.  I could do that anywhere!  People rave so much about it.  All my life I’ve heard people say how great it is.  And then, to make matters worse, people often get drunk, go wild, and womanize. 

This is what’s supposed to be so great?

Over the years it seems there’s a group of the population who think that bars and partying is the ultimate in life . . .  it is living.  How many times have I been told that I need to go to bars and parties to live and experience life. 

What . . . are you kidding? 

Even recently I’ve been told that I need to go out and live . . . basically this meant to go to a bar and get drunk.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, I could take a girl home.  And then I could wake up in the morning with a hangover next to a strange girl that looks like she crawled from underneath some rock.  Maybe I could brag about it to my friends later?

What . . . are you kidding?

I get a kick out of many of these guys who go to bars and parties.  They act like they are so tough and great.  Many of these guys seem to look down on you if you don’t go to bars and parties, like its some sort of status symbol.

Many times I have been very insulted when some of them tell me I’m a naïve and weak person. 

What do you mean?  I’m not the one who gets drunk and ends up having problems drinking in life.  I’m not the one who womanizes and uses females like they are play toys.  I’m not the one who can’t control himself.  What do you mean I’m weak?  It seems to me that, in reality, I am the stronger person.  I’m the one who held myself together.  My experience is that a lot of those guys don’t have much interior strength though they act tough on the outside.  Actually, I consider them weak!

Many guys who are big bar and party goers often regret it later in life, I’ve found.  Why does that not surprise me?  Many of these guys seem to age fast as well.  They also seem to be immoral cussing people with a poor attitude of life. 

The girls, on the other hand, seem to be like little sluts, parading their body around.  They seldom turn into loving and caring people, I’ve found.

After all I’ve heard about the bar and party scene there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of good coming from it, at least as near as I can tell.

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1 Response to My reaction to the bar and party scene

  1. Arthur Dent says:

    True that – I could fund a small country with all the money I spent in bars. I used to be part of that bar scene you find so abhorrent. I must agree that I don’t like the self that was hitting those bars. Out of all those people that I knew; I would only care to see two of them ever again.

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