Sayings from ‘The Saga of Grettir’

Here are some sayings from The Saga of Grettir:

“That is a true friend who keeps you out of harm’s way” (chapter 14)

“The more you experience the more you learn” (chapter 14)

“It’s a bad thing to goad a stubborn person” (chapter 14)

“Many who have been more reliable have been wrong” (chapter 14)

“There will be no need to repay what hasn’t been done” (chapter 17)

“Drink is another man” (chapter 19)

“One should never judge a man too soon” (chapter 20)

“The oak should keep what is scraped from another” (chapter 21)

“There are many who try to reach over the door for the latch” (chapter 28)

“A wise man’s guess is a prophecy” (chapter 31)

“Success and ability don’t always go together” (chapter 34)

“Disaster is waiting outside the door for the next person, when it has entered in to one” (chapter 34)

“Glam has lent someone his eyes” (chapter 35) (Glam meaning gloomy)

“They have been given gloomsight” (chapter 35)

“Evil always comes from thoughtlessness” (chapter 39)

“The word still gets around of what is done” (chapter 40)

“No one shapes himself” (chapter 41)

“Those who have a high opinion of themselves have much in common” (chapter 43)

“Those who are too highly praised are the worst for letting me down” (chapter 45)

“A story told by one person is always only half told” (chapter 46)

“You get over one trouble by suffering another that is greater” (chapter 47)

“Existence is hard for a bad man” (chapter 56)

“There’s many a slip between cup and lip” (chapter 57)

“Anything will be done for money” (chapter 58)

“A wood is often full of ears” (chapter 58)

“He who asks should get what he’s asking for” (chapter 59)

“Fire is hottest when one is being burned by oneself” (chapter 59)

“Everyone has to go when their time comes” (chapter 62)

“Bullying has a bad end” (chapter 62)

“ . . . trust no one so well that you do not trust yourself most of all” (chapter 67)

“Many are difficult to beware of” (chapter 67)

“Many are deceived about themselves” (chapter 68)

“No one can escape what is fated for him” (chapter 69)

“Little is stronger than sorcery” (chapter 69)

“The hand is most inclined to habit” (chapter 78)

“It comes most easily what has been learned in youth” (chapter 78)

“Many go to the goat shed to ask for wool” (chapter 78)

“Old friends stick together longest” (chapter 82)

“It is bad to make a slave your best friend” (chapter 82)

“Everyone’s back is bare unless he has a brother” (chapter 83)

“No one looks entirely foolish if he can keep his mouth shut” (chapter 88)

“Everything has always happened in threes in days gone by” (chapter 88)

“Various are the fortunes of men” (chapter 89)

“Nothing must be left out of an oath” (chapter 89)

“Those who are lower have to submit” (chapter 89)

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