Thoughts on how the female appears from a shy male perspective

In the past some odd years I have been thinking a lot on the female and how they have appeared and behaved in my life.  Unfortunately, it’s not all that impressive.  Only in the past little while have I begun to realize that a lot of what I saw was from a certain perspective . . . that of a shy male. 

This perspective is interesting as it shows qualities in the female that most people don’t see.  Sadly, they are not good qualities.  In fact, they’ve devastated my respect for the female.

To begin with, I used to always complain to other guys how females never did anything.  When I said this they’d always give me this weird sort of look.  From where I stood, as a shy guy, the female does nothing.  They don’t talk to you or anything.  I always complained how they would never help you or talk to you or even be friendly.  A common saying of mine is “I have 43 years experience in how little the female does”.  I’d also say, “that chair does more than a female”.  Other common sayings of mine are:  “The female contributes nothing” and “Expect nothing from the female.  The female gives nothing.”  Some years ago I began to say a joke about the ‘three traits of the female’.  These are:

  1. Females do not talk to you.
  2. Females do not associate with you.
  3. Females do not do anything for you.

A little while later I began to realize that those three sentences described the female in my whole adult life.  In fact, it’s a very accurate portrayal of the female from where I stand.  Only recently have I begun to see that these statements are how the female appears from a shy male perspective.

Most males never see this and never suspect it.  In fact, many males find it hard to believe as they tend to believe the female does something.  This is because they are not shy and they generally are the ones talking and doing things.  The female typically reacts to what the male is doing.  Since the male is doing everything the female follows along giving the illusion that she is doing something.  From the non shy perspective it appears the female is doing things.

If you want to see how much a female actually does then act like a shy male, then you’ll see how little they do and why I began to say the things I did above. 

With most males they are so ‘up forward’ with females that they, in a way, cloud their own image of things with themselves.  Their ego and activities make it so they cannot see things.  When you’re shy you are almost like a bystander watching an event happen.  Sometimes it’s like being in a theater, you’re just watching the play unfold.  In that sense, it seems that the shy guy sees a more natural condition of the female uncluttered by his influence.

I’ve repetitively been stunned how I notice things that other guys don’t notice.  I complain about things no one else does.  I often wondered if it was a problem with me.  But . . . it’s what I’m seeing.  I was also always stunned how other guys said girls would do things . . . things I’ve never seen!  All the time guys would say girls did this and that and I’d be stunned.  Many times I couldn’t believe it (I still can’t believe some of them).  But, to me, the female seemed cold and distant.  Still, they are like that now. 

Here are some things I’ve noticed from the shy male perspective:

–          When you’re shy the female does nothing in general.  They make no effort for you.  They will not initiate or do anything for you.  In a sense, a shy male is an ‘invisible male’ to the female.  She treats you like your not even there.  I’ve had problems with girls even acknowledging that I’m there, even though I’m standing right in front of them. 

–          The female seems to need someone to initiate everything for them and do things for them.  Sometimes it looks like they are incompetent to do things for themselves.  There are some girls out there that don’t seem able to even hold a conversation on their own effort!  They expect everything to be done for them.  A shy male does not do this so she takes no notice of him.

–          They may even know your shy but, still, they do nothing.  There is a complete lack of understanding and compassion I’ve found.  They give none.  For years I’ve complained how the female is actually not a loving caring person.  I’ve not see a whole lot of evidence of this.  From the shy male perspective you see how little compassion the female has.  In fact, I’ve always described the female as a cold person.

–          From the shy male perspective you can see how the female is not a social person as well.  To begin with, if they were social then a shy guy wouldn’t be having these problems.  You can see that they will only associate with certain people under certain conditions.  They do not just ‘talk’ to you, nor do they socialize with you.  Everything has to be a ‘certain way’ before they will do anything.  Unfortunately, this is not the shy male way.

–          You can see that the female is not all that friendly of a person.  They seldom seem to reciprocate kindness and courtesy. 

–          A female is more likely to associate with a non shy male I’ve found.  In this country (the US) the females are hedonistic and expect to be pleased.  A shy guy does not offer this quality so he is basically discarded.  How well do I know . . .

–          You can also see how touchy these people are and how everything must be ‘their way’.  When your shy you never do things ‘their way’ so they are usually unhappy with you.   They are more likely to be dissatisfied with you than anything else.

–          It’s also apparent how females are manipulating guys.  They prey on the male to get their way.  Usually, a shy male isn’t worth their effort.  Seldom do they try to manipulate a shy guy.  He won’t do much.

–          It’s also apparent how females have a stupid image of what a man is.  Their image of a man is unrealistic and fantastic.  When you are shy you disappoint them as you do not fit that image.  It becomes quite apparent they got some stupid image of a man. 

–          Some girls spit on the shy male and ridicule him.  It’s like they expect a male to swipe her off her feet and if he doesn’t she spits on him.  What a brat! 

–          Its also apparent how females seem to lack a character or personality.  It’s often like there is nobody there.  They seem like a shell of a person oftentimes.  You can see that it is the male who actually embellishes the female with a lot of qualities.  The male creates all these qualities and project them onto the female.  If you take that embellishment away theres not much left of the female.

–          And it’s from the shy male perspective that you can see the brat more clearly.  They expect you to do this and that.  They expect this to be done for them and that.  When you don’t do it they get pissed. 

In many ways, the female from a shy male perspective is not all that great of a person.  They appear like a low grade person to me.  No wonder I have a poor view of them.  For years I’ve been saying that I need to see a females acting like a human being.  I still wonder if I’ll ever see that . . .

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