‘Gone with the Wind’ and the American female

I’ve always been impressed how Scarlet O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ is such an accurate portrayal of the American female.  She’s this feisty selfish brat girl who is attracted to the ‘wrong man’ and uses guys as a source of money or some other thing. 

In some ways, the whole story is how she is attracted to the man she cannot have, the ‘wrong man’, while all these other competent ‘right’ guys are wanting to marry her.  Like a lot of American girls now she won’t even give the ‘right’ guy a glance.  All the guys she marries are for reasons other than ‘love’ which, I am told, is so dear to the female’s heart.  Even after her first husband died she didn’t care and wanted to go to the dance and wear fancy showy clothes, which was considered disrespectful while in mourning. 

She even goes on to be Mr. Man and run her own company and does whatever she can to get a profit.  She even would drive her own buggy which, as was said in the movie, not proper for a lady.

She seemed only concerned about herself and wanted to buy fancy clothing for herself and go to parties. 

She does things to manipulate guys to give her what she wants, as when she made the dress out of curtains and went to Rhett Butler to try to get money out of him by putting on a big show.   Even after neglecting Rhett in their marriage she sucked up to him after Ashley died (the married man she wanted).  This prompted him to say, what to me is a famous saying in regard to the female, “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.  He had taken enough.  She was cold until she wanted something then she was ‘little miss sweety heart’.  Why does that sound so familiar? . . .

Rhett Butler is like many of us guys.  He gave honest effort and tried to develop a relationship with Scarlet but it was to no avail.  As he said, “. . . if you would of only met me half way” (if I recall the wording correctly).   I’ve said that many times when it comes to the female.  I would of given anything if they’d only tried to meet me half way.  Many foreign girls, I’ve found, will meet you half way but this trait seems lacking in the American female. 

(I wrote this in early 2010)

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