Thoughts on the ‘transforming crisis’

Some crisis in life is a ‘transforming crisis’.  By this I mean that it seeks to transform you, to change you into something new.  This means that it needs to be allowed to pass, to go through its stages.  If you don’t allow it to pass then there is no transformation of the self.  The natural tendency for us to do is to try to remedy or prevent crisis from happening as crisis is often painful and difficult.  We try to find ways to prevent it, to cure it, or to relieve it.  In the ‘transforming crisis’ this is not good as it’s like taking a medication and vomiting it out.

In many ways, all crisis is a ‘transforming crisis’ but crisis, by its nature, can be overpowering and damaging in its effects if let out of control.  As a result, dealing with crisis in life is a delicate and serious matter, nothing to look at lightly.  There are times when you must not allow crisis to continue. 

But when do you know when to allow a crisis to continue?

This is not an easy question.  Sometimes experience tells you.  Sometimes a ‘gut’ feeling is what’s needed.  Sometimes you just don’t know.

Perhaps the real qualities that are required are strength, courage, and integrity?  These traits seem like they are worth developing. 

But some crisis is transforming because it breaks down your strength, courage, and integrity.  By breaking them down you are transformed. 

So this is the paradox – to be transformed even the good traits must be broken down. 

Perhaps that is the nature of crisis, of not knowing, of ‘being on the edge’, of the challenge, of almost teetering into an abyss.  That’s its essence and power.  No philosophy, no technique, no advice can remedy this fact, nor make it easier. 

Dealing with personal crisis in life is like a balancing act, much like a tight rope act.  That’s very much like how it feels to me. 

It seems the great trait to have is a willingness to allow crisis to happen with the faith that the end result is for good reasons.  There’s that word we hear of so much in life – faith.  Faith to continue, faith to let things pass, faith to endure.

Perhaps the real power of personal crisis is developing just that . . . faith?

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