Trivia from the movie “Logan’s Run”

The book and the movie are almost totally different stories. In the book sanctuary is another planet, I believe, and they had to hurry to get to the spaceship.

The ‘great hall’ where everyone is at is actually a mall in Dallas, TX. I believe it’s called the ‘Appearel Mart’. They had to film it after all the stores closed.

The scene where Logan and Jessica are descending the stairs after the Loveshop is actually stairs coming down one of the soundstages.

The scene where Francis is in the hot tub is an actual spa in Texas.

The place, at the end, where they jump in to get back into the dome is a real place called the “water gardens” in Fort Worth, TX. Several people drowned there recently.

The life clocks on everyone hand changes color with age:
Clear – from birth
Yellow – turns at 8 years old
Green – turns at 16 years old
Red – turns at 23 years old
Flashes red then black – approaching lastday
Black – Last day
Everyone is supposed to wear clothes matching the color of their life clocks, except for sandman.

The guns actually used acetylene gas that sprayed on a hot glow plug to create it’s effect which, in a way, made it like a little torch. The cartridge of acytylene was located at the rear. At the very front of the ‘barrel’ was where the glow plug was. Pressing the trigger opened up a valve which ejected gas on to the glow plug. It would ignite, creating flames, which would go out holes on the side of the barrel. This created the neat gun effect. I guess they had all sorts of problems getting the guns to work while filming. It seems one of the problems is that the gas pressure lasted such a short time that they had to continually put in new gas cartridges. I’m not sure but I recall reading somewhere that the few guns that was made for the show they estimated cost $20,000.00 a piece, which is hard for me to believe.

In the scene in the control room there are those big square lights high up on the wall. My understanding is that each was a different color to represent each life crystal color. The blinking lights on the outside, which blink on and off, represent people being born, moving to the next life crystal color, or dying. You’ll notice the large squares that blink on and off are made up of many lights. Each light represents a person. This keeps the population constant.

In the scene with ‘Box’ if you watch closely at his mirrored surface you can occasionally see images of the cameraman, camera, and camera tripod.

It’s interesting that many of the main actors – Michael York, Jenny Agutter, and Peter Ustinov – are British actors.

When Logan and Jessica are in the elevator going up it shows pistons working. It’s always mystified my how they could work, as they are steam piston engines. You can even see the steam rising. That would mean someone would have to be tending the boiler. My understanding is that that footage actually came from a ship movie and those are the pistons that run the propellers.

When Logan and Jessica undress and put on the furs you’ll notice that Logan has his pants on. In the next scene, when he sits down, he has no pants on.

My understanding is that this is the first movie to use holograms, which are used in the interrogation scene at the end.

In one of the last scenes when all the people go around the old man you can see one of the extras quickly do a vulcan symbol in front of the old man’s face. 

(I wrote this in 2009)

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2 Responses to Trivia from the movie “Logan’s Run”

  1. I clearly spotted 2 african american actors (extras) a man and woman in the scene where everyone leaves the dome and gathers around the old man.

  2. They are in the very last scene.

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