A dream about frustrated fatherhood

I dreamt that I was in a city on a bus.  Oddly, my dad was driving the bus.  It seemed no one else was on the bus.  As we were driving along I noticed a girl on a bike.  My dad didn’t slow down.  I screamed, “watch out” and my dad started to slow down.  She came right in front of the bus and my dad slowed down a bit but not enough.  The bus hit the rear end of her bike slightly, but not enough to knock her down.  She continued on her way.

(This dream reflects my frustrated desire for fatherhood.  From previous dreams I’ve seen my dad as a representative of ‘fatherhood’.  As a result, the bus, in effect, was fatherhood or the desire for fatherhood.  The female represents the females I see in my life.  Our nearly hitting her represent the conflict of wanting to be a father but unable to attain it.)

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