A nightmare about losing my hands and feet

I had a horrible nightmare sometime in the late 80’s.  In this dream I was in my carport and an accident happened which cut off my hands and feet.  I looked at myself and only saw stubs for my arms and legs.  The terror was so bad I woke up in a panic and had a hard time sleeping.  This dream unnerved me, it seems, for a week.  I recall being in fear that this would happen to me.

(I felt this dream was a ‘transformation dream’.  That is to say, it reflects a feeling that I was changing as a person.  Sometimes these transformations can be frightening as they reflect things about ourselves we may not like or feel comfortable with.  In this dream, it was like saying, “all that you thought was true and worked for you before now no longer works”.  What was true and worked for me before was represented by my hands and feet.  To lose them, which always worked for me, made me feel as if I was loosing everything and becoming a cripple.  I felt as if I was loosing a major asset to living life.  This was reflected in the dream and caused my terror.)

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