Thoughts on how culture, and what it produces, are intimately bound with race

Some time ago I got into an interesting discussion with someone.  Basically what I said is that if the US is taken out of the White American Male’s hands it’s probably going to fall apart.

Why is this?

Because this country is built on the values, ideals, and vision the White American Male created.  Look around you, all that was built by the White American Male’s vision.  By White American Male I really mean the males descended from people from Western Europe.

It is not enough to just be brought up here to have these values.  The historic fact is that ideals, attitudes, etc. that are found in a ‘racial family’ tend to stay in that family.  This is because we take things more to heart when it is in our ‘racial family’.  Culture, and what it produces, is more than learned.  They become intimately bound with us.  Culture is not learned, in a way, but inherited.   Many things are racially bound and it seems a lot of culture is.  That’s the way it is.  My observation is that ‘race’ has a deeper impact on us than it may seem.  There are deep feelings for people of our own race.  This usually goes by unnoticed and no one really realizes it.

When someone learns something from another race/culture it is distorted in some way, usually to fit into the mentality of the race/culture that has learned it.  Oftentimes, this amounts to destroying it.   And so, despite all the so-called ‘Americanized people’, it is not enough to keep this going.  They just ‘learned’ it.  If they were to have complete control the distortion would become apparent.   As an example, there are many Americans living in Japan, some for decades, perhaps some were born there.  Many know a lot about the country, its ideals, its ways.  Do you think that if you gave Japan to those Americans that they could keep its ideals and ways going, despite all they know and how much they’ve been ‘japanesized’?  I don’t think so.  It’s sort of the same situation.

Most of the ‘foreigners’ here (non White Americans) are only following in the footsteps of what another people created.  Though they may seem to emulate it they are, still, only followers, people who learned by exposure.  I’ve talked to a lot of people and I can often sense that in the tone of their voice (like the current president).

Because of Hitler and all the civil rights nonsense it seems that to look at things ‘racially’ is viewed in a bad way.  But yet this is the way it is in the real world.  We’re talking about the real world right . . . not some fantasy legal/political world?  I’m talking about the real world . . . and the way the real world is.  The fact is that race plays a big factor in culture.  Unstead of knocking it from a political/legal point of view we should be looking at its influence in the real human world.

One of the myths of America is that anything can be learned.  Not everything can be learned.  There are some things that can’t be learned.  That’s the way it is.  I can’t just go live in Japan and become like a native Japanese for example.

Unfortunately, what I’m seeing,  is a move away from the people who have the ideals and character that created this country.  The more this happens, I would think, the more we’ll see decay.  The original social structure is still there but its like acid is eating away at it.

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