A dream about dogs getting loose

Last night I had a dream.  In this dream I was living with some people in a house.  We had two dogs in the back yard.  It was fenced in.  We also had a fence around the front yard.   For some reason our dogs kept getting out.  No one could figure it out.  I looked around the yard and noticed that one of the fences between the front and back yard was pulled back as if someone bent it back.  “That would only let them in the front yard which is still fenced in,” someone said.  I looked around the yard and noticed that part of the fence in one area was pulled away from the yard at the bottom.  Looking closer I could see that the ground was depressed abit under the fence as if it had been dug out.  As I looked at the ground I could see the marks made by the dogs claws in the ground.  “Here it is,” I said, “the dogs dug under this fence abit and pushed themselves through.  That’s how they got out”.

(This dream reflects a truth about myself, that I only recently acknowledged, and kept hidden from myself.  The dogs represent this truth or aspect about myself.  Them being fenced in represent how I kept it hidden.  Their continual escape showed how this truth had ‘gotten loose’.  This truth, by the way, is something that is very hard for me to accept.)

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