A dream about an abondoned house, a theatre, and the tag on a t-shirt

I dreamt that I was walking along a sidewalk with some people.   Some of the people I was with wanted to go into this abandoned house.  I didn’t and stayed in front, telling them they shouldn’t go in.  They went in and looked in one of the rooms.  Then we went down the street abit and there was a theatre.  There was a big performance there in the auditorium.  I think we were going to sit down but there were too many people so we left.  I seemed disapointed.  It was at this point that the tag on my t-shirt bothered me.  I looked down and, for some reason, it was hanging out the front so everyone could see it. I recall taking my shirt off and reversing it so it wouldn’t bother me.  It still bothered me.  I looked down and saw it was still hanging out my front so everyone could see it.  This mystified me. 

(This dream refers to my feelings of alienation from society that I feel right now.  I don’t feel a part of society. The abondoned house and how I did not go in represents how I am apprehensive about society.   The people going in represent the part of me that would like to be a part of society.  My not going in represents how, even though I’d like to be a part of society, I don’t.  The theatre represents how everyone around me is participating in society, as everyone is there, but I’m not, hence there is no room for me in the theatre.  The tag which bothers me shows this conflict and how it bothers me.  The tag always showing shows how I keep this conflict hidden but want to reveal it to everyone, as the tag is on the front in the dream, where everyone can see it.  The tag on a t-shirt is actually on the back.)

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