How I do not believe dreams are wish fullfillments

Sigmund Freud said that dreams are wish fullifillments. 

Over the years I have disagreed with this.  My observation and experience has shown that dreams are usually a reflection of your state of mind.  It’s like your mind is saying ‘this is the situation’.

In some sense, its like they are a different form of expression of your self.  This is why they can be so revealing.  They use a different part of your mind, which many of us are unaware of, to state our mental and life state.  As such, its like another language.  Being that its another language it can reveal things from another perspective, one that we normally would not see. 

Another good aspect of dream interpretation, I think, is that it makes us look deeper into ourselves.  In dream interpretation you can see how little we know even about ourselves.  We may have an image or theme that greatly affects us and we don’t know why.  We may have nightmares but the source of it is a mystery.  Dream interpretation can be very humbling, showing us our ignorance of our own self. 

Sometimes dreams can reveal great insight.  Many times we have insight about ourselves but, for some reason, we never take any heed to it.  In fact, each of us has great insight into ourselves and the world.  The problem is that we don’t notice it.  These insights are often portrayed through dreams.

I see no real evidence that dreams are wish fullfilments.  I do agree that can be, but only if your mental state requires it to be so.  Otherwise they seem like a statement of your mental state.

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