Thoughts on the overall perception of ones life by the male and female

I got into an interesting conversation with someone recently.  It involved the difference between the male and female and their overall perception of their life.

It all began when we talked about how, when you die, they say that your life passes before your eyes.  I remarked that this is a male point of view.   Its not something I’d expect from the female.

It seems to me that it is more important for the male to see an overall perception and coherency in their life.  The male seems to often have to review his life so it ‘makes sense’.  The male reflects on his life more and his past.  He also talks about it more.  These are things I seldom see the female do.  In fact, I was always stunned how little the female speaks of their childhood and past.  Males, oftentimes, are always referring to it.

This shows how its a male trait to have a ‘general overall perception’ of their life, as if it was one big saga.  The female, on the other hand, does not need this.  I feel this is primarily because the females life is so involved with the need of another person (what I call the ‘Other’).  As a result, their relevency and perception of life revolves around their relationship with this ‘other’.  Reflection of their past and a ‘general overall perception’ are not as critical for the female.

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