Some locations of relics and artifacts from King Charles I

I have not seen any of these relics but my understanding is that these are true:

Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight has things of King Charles I:

–  A lock of King Charles I Hair

–   King Charles bed when he was a prisoner

–   They have other relics of King Charles I as well.

–  Here is a website showing some artifacts:


The gloves which were given to Bishop Luxon on the scaffold is supposed to be located at Lambeth Palace, London.


The Museum of London is said to have some artifacts:

–  A blue knitted silk shirt worn at execution

–  A fragment of cloak said to be worn by Charles at his execution

–  A cap of Charles I


An outer shirt worn at execution is at Windsor Castle.   This may not be the original.  There is speculation that it may be a female night gown.  Here is a site about it:


Doublet which may have been worn at execution – Marquis of Bath, Longleat House, Warminster, Wiltshire.


The chair and footstool used at the trial is said to be at the Victoria and Albert museum.  I think most people agree that these are not original but were actually made for his son, King Charles II.  Here is the website:


SKCM (the Society of King Charles the Martyr) is supposed to have relics of King Charles I but I don’t know where they are located.  Here is their website:


Some other items of interest:

–   An interesting site about relics from King Charles I:

–   Bradshaw’s hat that he wore at the trial is at Ashmolean museum, Oxford.

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