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Thoughts on Christian missionaries – a personal gripe

There is something about Christianity that I have always despised.  It is something that has revolted me and disgusted me to no end.  Basically, it is the missionary element in Christianity, this idea that the world has to be converted … Continue reading

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A dream about entering a gateway

I was walking around this building complex.  I’ve been there many times.  I always walked through this certain gate to get into another area.  I knew that I wasn’t supposed to but I’d go in there anyways.  There were supposed to … Continue reading

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A dream about silt in a river

I was standing next to a stream and looked into the water.  I noticed all this silt that had been deposited in the stream bed.  I knew this was because of something that had gone on upstream.  I thought it … Continue reading

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A timeline for King Charles I

1600 November 19 – Charles is born at Dumfermline, Scotland, shortly after midday.  November 24 – Made Duke of Albany, Marquis of Ormonde, Earl of Ross, Lord Ardmonach. December 23 – Charles is taken to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.  Here he … Continue reading

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Why is Saint George the patron saint of England?

It seems that the patron saint of England was never written in stone, but something that evolved over time and is a result of historical circumstance.   Not only has the patron saints changed but there have been disputes, even today, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on why the US is not a real country

I have never felt the US was a real country.  Naturally, this has made quite a few people upset.  I think this is more a result of the definition of what a country is.  To me a country has things … Continue reading

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Thoughts about contemplative love

In contemplation there is always a word that mystified me.  It is ‘love’.  I’ve always wondered what it was.  I know the concept of it, as an idea, but what was it really? Over the years I’ve found myself using … Continue reading

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