How the males is enslaved by freedom and the female is enslaved by restriction

The male and female are two different types of people with two different types of character traits.  Each has their own problems and each has their own strength.  While thinking about this the other day I mentioned something interesting about the difference in character between the two.  This regards a particular conflict that each has.  I speak of this as ‘enslavement’.  By this I mean that it is a condition of their character that creates a conflict they cannot get out of.  Their character traits basically ‘enslave’ them to a particular conflict that is never resolved and is a perpetual battle for them to deal with.  As with many things with the male and female, they are the opposite of each other.

–          The male is ‘enslaved’ by freedom.  By this I mean that the male is perpetually faced with the dilemma of what he is going to do.  With us guys it’s always what we do and how we behave that is the issue.  We are always emphasized to ‘make the correct choice’ in life.  When we do make the ‘correct choice’ we are often glorified.  The male is always putting himself in situations where he must make choices.  Often this situations are dangerous or very fluid.  It’s as if the male needs to learn to make the correct decision in his condition of freedom. This condition of freedom is an uncontrolled environment, often dangerous and mysterious.  Most of the laws, remember, and morality is really based in male behaviour and how the male, with his freedom, must be controlled or restricted in some way so he doesn’t get into trouble or create problems.  This quality is usually not important for the female, as they do not struggle with freedom like the male does.

–          The female is ‘enslaved’ by restrictions.  It often seems that everything surrounding the female is based in a restriction of one form or another.  These restrictions, contrary to what the feminists claim, are imposed by the females themselves typically.  They continually restrict themselves with what they can do and how they behave.  Sometimes this can begin to look like some form of obsessive compulsive quality in the female, so consistent and persistant are they in maintaining it.  They must behave the right way, follow the latest fashions, use the latest slang, stay in their homes in a safe environment, etc.  Females also need to belong very strongly.  They need to be a part of someone’s life.  They need to get married, have kids, talk on the phone all day, have pictures of their family at work, etc.  This is a form of restriction all its own.  Everywhere in all their lives they need something about them.  This, really, protects them from freedom, which is an uncontrolled environment.

Both the male and female complain about the problems these situations can cause.   Too much freedom, for example, can make the male feel lost or alienated, as we see often today.  Too much restriction, for example, can make the female feel she is being controlled and nothing but an object.  But, at the same time, they both seek these qualities and are always seeking them because they reflect innate traits within themselves.  It’s like these qualities are a double edged sword – both beneficial and conflict causing.

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