A dream about seeing the Pope

I was at St. Peter’s at Rome with my mom and dad.  While there we sat and looked at the building of course.  For some reason me and my dad got up and started to walk to the rear of the basilica.  While we walked we saw the Pope coming in in this strange vehicle.  It was like a rectangular box that went sideways.  He sat on the left side (his left).  The right side was empty.  It was reddish in color and had this capability to raise up as if on a scissors lift.  We were both stunned.  Then he stopped behind the row of chairs where my mom was at.  I was going to motion to my mom that the Pope was there but she had already turned around and she looked straight at the Pope.

Later, we were sitting in our seats and were getting up to leave.  I heard a conversation with a nun who was talking to another nun in front of us.  She said something to this effect, “yes, I can still have children.”  The other nun agreed.  I looked at her and saw she was in her 50’s or so.  I thought, “isn’t she too old to have kids?”

(This dream revolves around my feelings of loneliness and the concern over having children, which probably isn’t going to happen.  Now, I did take my mom and dad to Rome on vacation this year and this is the origin for that.  Interestingly, I’ve often found that my mom and dad in dreams often represent the ‘motherly’ and ‘fatherly’ aspect of life oftentimes.  It appears no different here.  The pope alone in the vehicle represents me alone in life.  My mom represents the ‘mother’ aspect of life and her noticing the Pope represents my concern over having children as I am alone – the ‘mother’ aspect of life seeing a male alone represent the dilemma.  My gut feeling is that the vehicle represents, really, the ‘male member’, so to speak.  It reminds me of a vehicle used at airports to load people from the terminal to the airplane.  It was like a rectangular box on a big scissors life type of thing.  I know that this symbolism represents the ‘process’ of childbearing, if you know what I mean.

The nun mentioning that she can still have kids obviously represents my concern over this, for I am represented by the nun.  Her being a nun represents how I live like a religious . . . Mr. Celibate.  The concern over her age represents how I feel like I’m getting too old.  The statement that she can still have children, I think, represent an insight that hope is not lost.)

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