A dream about missing a train

I dreamt that I was with some people in a train station.   We were trying to get on a train.  We were somewhat late so we were rushing to the platform.  As we got onto an escalator we could here the train start to leave.  I was disappointed and mad.  But, oddly, there was someone there who somehow, as if by some miracle, got the train to stop so they could get on.  This was rather convenient, I thought, and we were able to make it on the train.

(This dream – or, rather, a segment of a dream as it was part of a larger dream – shows my awareness of how I make things worse than they are.  Our missing the train shows how I make things out worse than they are as that was a terrible situation to be in.  The person stopping the train so they could get on, which allowed us to get on, reveals my knowledge that I’m making a big deal out of nothing.  I’m making things worse than they are.  It’s as if I’m saying “oh, things are terrible . . . uh, no, not really . . . things aren’t that bad”.)

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