Thoughts about the relation of the ‘dumb blonde’ with Germanic and Scandinavian tribal society

One of the feelings I’ve always had is that there is more to the ‘dumb blonde’ statements than what it seems.  It’s not just some joke that has appeared recently.

Over the years I’ve noted a behavior in Germanic and Scandinavian descended girls that is quite common actually.  Basically they are ‘dumb’, but in a unique way.  As I’ve watched them I could see that it seems a remnant of Germanic and Scandinavian tribal society.  Now, when I say ‘tribal’ I don’t mean like in a primitive society.  ‘Tribal’ refers to a certain way of life.  In this society there is a sense of unity and belonging.  We are part of a ‘people’, with defined traits and customs.  It defines who we are.  Typically, there is apprehension of people from other ‘tribes’ or places.  This lifestyle existed, really, until after WWII.

Part of this tribal society is that people followed the authority and customs very closely.  They did what was expected of them.  As a result, there is a sense of ‘following’ in tribal society, of submitting to the society.  This ‘following’ is one of the things that held the society together.  Now, after WWII, the tribal society began to break up.  But, many of the qualities of the tribal society persisted.  One of these is the ‘following’ tendency.  Since there is no longer a ‘tribe’ to belong to this often appears, in the post tribal society, as a blind following, not unlike sheep following sheep.  This, though, is not how it appeared in tribal society, where this attitude had a very important function in society.

Anyways, part of this ‘following’ tendency is that people just accept things and follow along.  Nowadays, in post tribal society, this may appear like a ‘stupidity’ or being ‘dumb’.  I’ve seen this many times in females.  They believe whatever they’re told and do whatever they’re told.  They also follow whatever is there.  This is all done blindly, as if they are dumb sheep.  But I can see that this is a remnant of the tribal society lifestyle.  This trait of ‘blind following’ seems very prevalent, it seems to me, with English or English descended girls, especially.  Interestingly, they are seldom blonde.  No doubt, Marilyn Monroe had an influence on the image of a ‘dumb blonde’.

As a result of all this, I often wonder if the ‘dumb blonde’ jokes and statements are actually based on a real phenemena and not on something that just happened to get started.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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