A dream about traveling to different states

I recall being with someone in a forested area.  It was like a campground.  Some things happen which I cannot remember.  Somewhere along the line, I got this idea that, on the weekends I’d go for a walk into other states just to see how far I could go.  The idea would be that I’d start hiking from where I live and just walk, going into another state, and see how far I could walk into that state.  This would be done on a weekend.  I thought this was some great idea.  I was all excited and everything, thinking it would be really neat.  My thought was to travel east, which would probably take me into Colorado or Wyoming.  I got my friend to go with me.  On the day we decided to go I walked over and noticed he had his backpack all packed and everything.  I realized that I had not even thought of what I was going to take nor even got prepared.  I felt really stupid, as I made such a big deal about it.  I remember looking for my backpack in this mound of stuff.  There was so much stuff I tripped and fell.

(This dream mystified me at first.  I couldn’t figure it out.  It had this quality about it, of being perplexing.  And then, while reflecting on it on the bus in the morning, it came to me.  Out of nowhere I said “I want to travel to another state of mind”.  I realized that was what it was.  It wasn’t referring to actual states but states of mind.  Then it all fell together.  This dream reflected the situation I am now in at this time and the dilemma I’ve found myself in.  I love to go out in the woods and be alone.  There I think and contemplate.  This is the other ‘states of mind’ that I was seeking.  At this time I cannot do this as much as I want.  First of all, being that its winter, the sun sets early.  During the workdays, the sun sets about an hour and a half after I get off work . . . hardly enough time to do anything.  This is why, in the dream, I said I wanted to go to the other ‘states’ – meaning to be alone in the woods – on the weekend, as that’s the only time I’ll have to do anything.  Also, being that it is winter it’s cold, especially after the sun sets.  I’m not too fond of sitting in the cold for a long time.  Also, in winter everything looks dead and is white.  That has always depressed me.  I’ve never like to walk around in the snow all that much.  It seems so barren.  Anyways, you can see there is much doubt in me.  And so you can see the dilemma.  I want to go to other ‘states’ – in the woods – but there are problems.  As in the dream, I think about it but don’t do it.  This is portrayed in me not being prepared.  And so, in a sense, the dream is like saying, “I’d like to go out into the woods but I can’t”.)

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