Thoughts on how dream interpretation is overrated and the benefits I see with it

People have made a big deal about dream interpretation, as if it is a window into the soul and into our selves.  I’ve found that this is not necessarily true.  In general, most dreams just describe our state of mind at the time.  As a result, most dream interpretation is stating little facts about how we feel or our situation in life.  They seldom are these great revealing things that discloses some great truth about ourselves.

But, because dreams state our emotions they CAN reveal great insight about our inner life from time to time.  When these do come they can be quite revealing.  But, even when something is revealed, it’s not always as impactful as it may seem.  The dreams that offer a really impactful aspect of our selves seem rare to me. 

Some of the benefits of dream interpretation, at least to me, include:

–          It’s a different way at looking at myself.  It’s like looking at myself from another angle.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m another person looking at myself.

–          Dream interpretation is like another language, a symbolic language.  By being familiar with ones dreams and the language it uses it seems that I have a greater sense of myself and life.  In a way, it’s like a greater awareness. 

–          Dream interpretation is good in that makes me peer into myself.  It makes a person look deeper within themselves.  By so doing it teaches me not to trust what I think about myself or believe myself to be.  It helps create a sense that there is something more to me than meets the eye. 

Dream interpretation seems most beneficial when it’s done over a long period of time.  One or two interpretations aren’t going to do the trick.  It’s something that must be practiced over a long period of time.  In that sense, it shows that dream interpretation, as an act, is not important but more the attitudes it instils into someone.  By doing it over a long period of time it instils attitudes of things like inner inquiry, looking at oneself from another angle, symbol interpretation, etc.  That’s its real benefit, not in individual dream interpretation.  Every so often, as I said above, there will be an insightful discovery.  But it’s the attitudes that it creates that are its real benefit!

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