Thoughts on the question of the ‘look’ and male/female relationships

Over the years I have found that many females, at least in the US, require the ‘look’ to have anything to do with a guy.  If you don’t have the ‘look’ then many won’t even notice you.  They treat you like some rock on the side of the road.  It’s become a too dominant necessity in the association with the female.

By the ‘look’ I mean a look that certain guys give.  It, basically, is a look of lust.  You can say that it is a look of ‘want’, like saying “I want you”.  Many girls are ‘turned on’ by it.  They think it’s neat.  As a result, they will treat that guy like gold.  By so doing, females make the ‘look’ a major issue and, oftentimes, a determining factor in their association with males.    I can understand that it appears very exciting and all, as it makes guys appear exciting and ‘mysterious’.  But to make everything revolve around that is absurd to me.  It’s also shows a very narrow mentality.  It gives the impression that girls are somehow ‘starving’ for some affection as they repetitively make such an issue out of it.  Not only that, they make it such an important thing in life and relationships.  I feel it does show a ‘starvation’ of sorts.  It seems to me that females that are more stable and secure with who they are don’t seem to be swayed as much by the ‘look’. 

It’s not uncommon that many females think the ‘look’ is a look of love.  I’ve seen quite a few who believe it is.  It’s sort of pathetic, too.  I can see, as a guy, that all the guy wants to do is get in her pants and he’s putting on this ‘show’ for her to get there.  She’s stupid enough to believe it.  Sadly, I’ve found that most females are stupid.  Many females are so stupid they need to be protected from the male who will do anything to get in her pants.  This fact is shown in many customs and traditions surrounding the female for, all over the world, the female is ‘protected’ in some way or another.  They are not permitted to be alone with a male.  They need to be watched.  They need to behave a certain way around a male. They cannot go out by themselves.  They need approval, in some places, even to talk to a male.  Everywhere you go there are customs designed to protect the female from the male.  This is no mistake.  I sometimes feel that one of the reasons why we have this problem nowadays is because we no longer have a culture that protects the female anymore.  Since our culture has been destroyed the wisdom and protection that culture offered is no longer with us.  As a result, the female is commonly enticed by the horny male and falls prey to him. 

The ‘look’ often leads into certain ways the male speaks to the female.  Perhaps this should be spoken of as the ‘talk’.  It’s usually this enticing sort of talk.  To me it has the quality of brown-nosing or sucking up to the female.  There’s also a lot of catering to the female whims with this talk.  I’ve watched many guys who will sit and talk to girls and watch their reactions.  By doing this they find out what she likes.  They then sit and cater to her likes.  It looks almost like a scam.  In fact, they are using techniques that are no different than what commercials do to get people to buy their product.  Females often fall to this as the female character tends to be a selfish character.  Catering to her likes is catering to her selfishness in actuality.  They want to be catered to in order to satisfy their selfishness.  By so doing many males will ‘win’, so to speak.  Some females are so selfish that they will overlook everything about the guy to be catered to.  Many regret that later, as I’ve heard many times. 

Many of the guys who give the ‘look’ tend to become what are normally described as ‘jerks’.  Their main motive is usually to get in their pants.  Everything else – the ‘look’, the ‘talk’ – is just the means to get there.  As a result of this, their intention certainly is not ‘honourable’, nor is it out of a desire for a relationship.  It’s sad to see many associations between the male and female become nothing but a game whose intent is to lead to sex.  In those types of relationships, what’s after sex?   Take a look . . . nothing . . . nothing is after sex.  In reality, that is the relationship.  All the ‘looks’, the ‘talk’, the show, the sucking up, the catering to female wants  . . . everything . . . it’s all about sex . . . that’s what this whole relationship is all about.  Is it any wonder that these relationships don’t last?  Is it any wonder that marriages based in this situation fail? 

In some respects, the whole relationship from the beginning is based in deception.  The male deceives the female, and the female wants to be deceived or too easily succumbs to it.  How can any relationship possibly be based on such foundations?  The answer is that relationships seldom are.  But, in the US, this is how most relationships are begun.  Many are often maintained that way too. Relationships need more than that to stay together.  They need a stronger foundation.

It’s because many girls require the ‘look’ that I often refer to these females as ‘sluts’.  This is because many of them are.  Many females are attracted to the ‘look’ because they, too, want the male to get in her pants.  In that respect, it becomes a mutually played game by both parties.  It seems that there are two extremes to this problem.  On one extreme is the ‘slut’, the girls who are attracted to the guy who gives the ‘look’ because she wants the male to get in her pants.  On the other extreme are girls who are attracted to the guy who give the ‘look’ because they are just stupid.  He seems exciting and thrilling, but yet she doesn’t necessarily want the guy to get in her pants.  These girls often get hurt by the male, at least emotionally.  From my observation, most girls are in this extreme end.  This makes all this look even more pathetic. 

Now, its one thing to find a guy without the ‘look’ as unappealing but it’s another thing to spit on him for it.  Many American females spit on the guy who does not give them the ‘look’.  I know this from personal experience.  It is this fact that made me believe this is gotten out of control.  One of the things this reveals is how spoilt girls are as, to me, it seems that’s what this is about.  Like a spoilt brat, they are pissed because you’re not the way they want you to be.  Not only that, a guy who does not give the ‘look’ generally does not cater to the female.  As a result, her selfish want of being catered to is not satisfied.  My experience is that a female who spits, looks down on, or even neglects the male for not giving her the ‘look’ or catering to her is a selish bratish type of girlIt shows that, for many girls, being attracted to the ‘look’ is nothing but a form of selfishness.  As such, it reveals a lot about their character. 

In the US a lot of this behaviour isn’t all that surprising.  They have made everything revolve around sex in this country.  Sex and sexual enticing is everywhere.   It’s in the movies, on TV, in the commercials.  All the different forms of media seem to play a big part in its dominance and power in this country.   Both male and female now think it’s a part of everyday life, as if it’s what life is about.   As a result, sexual enticing has, in some ways, become part a dominant trait of the female identity in this country.   But it’s not what the male or female is about.  It’s not what life is about either.  America has just made it that way.  The fact that much of this behaviour seems to be a result of the media and such reveals that it is not a normal part of human behaviour.  In effect, it shows that it is an abnormal situation.  Basically, something had to be created (the media, etc.) create this situation.  This means it normally wouldn’t of been there.  This makes sense.   As I have watched it over the years there has always been this sense that something wasn’t right with it.  It’s too prevalent and it’s too dominant.  There was always this weird sense that there was something abnormal about all this.  I understand that you will see this to some extent but, my God, not like this.

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4 Responses to Thoughts on the question of the ‘look’ and male/female relationships

  1. Wow. Another intelligent post completely discredited by hateful language. I would give you more credit for what you had to say if you didn’t just refer to half the population, myself included, as a slut.

    • Read it closer. I said girls who are attracted to guys who give them the ‘look’ are sluttish. I did not say half the population. In a way, girls requiring that defines a slut. After all, isn’t that what it is? To find the ‘look’ attractive, which is nothing but a lustful act, requires a lustful person. The lustful look attracts the lustful person. The name for a female who does that is called a slut.

      Nor do I see any hateful language in what I said. What hateful language? I speak in an attitude, really, of disgust toward this situation, not of hatred. If you notice, I also talked of the male in a disgustful way as well, as he is a big part of this too. Overall, I am talking of a situation that disgusts me and it involves the behaviour of both the male and female together.

  2. everevie says:

    Why is it disgusting for men and women to want to have sex with each other? Why are they sluts if they DO have sex with each other? Why do you assume that if a woman has sex with a man, she has “fallen prey” to him? Most…no, ALL of the men I’ve had sex with fell prey to ME and MY look…definitely not the other way around.

    • Have you heard of morality? In a way, I’m condemning the lack of morality in the US. Even in primitive societies they have a sexual morality, often very strict, to the point of killing someone for having sex with the wrong person. In this country there’s practically nothing. Something that has been here for 10,000 years all over the world and it’s all of a sudden gone?

      Its true that males are usually attracted to certain girls. Often, they will do the ‘first move’. But what I was talking about was the female reaction to that ‘first move’. That is where the ‘look’ and the ‘talk’, as I spoke about, come into play. Believe me, whether a male is attracted to a female or not, if she does not respond to him its worthless. I have a saying: “I can’t associate with a person who won’t associate back”. That come from my experience with females. I was noting some of my observations of what I’ve seen in the females reaction and why they preferred certain guys over others. Frankly, I’m not the only one to make this observation.

      I should also point out that its common for females to want to think they inspire the male, as it makes them feel important and ‘wantable’. It makes them feel needed, which is what, frankly, we all want. There is truth in it, but its not everything. As I said above, what about the females response to the male? This is a side females seldom see. I’ve never heard of a female ever even considering that.

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