Thoughts on the so called gender gap, equality, and how the male and female are not the same type of person

I heard a thing this morning mentioning the so called ‘gender gap’.  To me, this is silly.  The ‘gender gap’ is assuming that the male and female are the same type of person.  The fact is that the male and female are not the same type of person.  As a result, they cannot be dealt with in the same way.  To treat the male the same way is like treating a dog the same as a pet fish.  As such, it is necessary for the male and female to be treated in different ways.  These ways, of course, must be in tune with their varying characters.   After all, that’s its point.  My inquiry into other cultures has shown that most of the different ways male and female were treated were in direct response to their different characters.  It was not done, as many people think in this country, to exploit and abuse people. 

This whole nonsense has been carried over into this idea of equality, which is usually a political/legal point of view.  That is to say, it is not something in the human realm of life.  It is all stated and justified from the political/legal point of view.  But, again, the fact is that the male and female are not equal.  They are not the same.  As I said above, that’s like treating a dog the same as a fish. 

I’ve often jokingly compared this point of view as someone complaining that there is a ‘voice gap’ between the male and female.  It is like saying, “it’s not fair that the male has a low voice and the female has a high voice.  We need to change the laws and peoples point of view.  We need to do scientific studies to get the females voice so it is lower.” 

Typically, it is the female complaining.  Just yesterday I saw a news report which said that some years ago something like 1 in 27 girls were in sports.  Now it is 1 in 3.  This was stated as if it was some sort of victory.  Victory of what?  I know – the females flight from her feminity into masculaneity.  This is not equality.  This is not narrowing the ‘gender gap’.  This is nothing but the masculanizing of the female.  Too many times females think the solution to female problems is to become like men.  This point of view has created all sorts of problems for the females, their identities, and how they view themselves. 

Naturally, its us guys, the society, the law, and the system that is blamed for it.  In reality, though, it is a female problem.  The problem lies within them, not anyone else.   This is why they BLAME so much.

You’ll notice that, first of all, there is a complaining of a difference.  It’s like its a crime in the fact there is a difference between the male and female at all.  I’ve seen girls complain about it too, as if there should be no difference at all between the male and female at all.  This is absurd!  I often feel that the female, at least in this country, has a fear of the difference between the male and female.  It’s like they are frightened of who they are and their own feminity.  This fear has always stunned me. 

Typically, they seem to project this fear onto other people, usually the male, and the society.  There seems a lot of projection in dealing with this dilemma.  Everyone else is to blame.  In my whole life I’ve seldom heard a female say that maybe they are the ones to blame.  Maybe they ought to learn how to be female?  Maybe they ought to develop some self respect?  Maybe they ought to work to find a problem?  Unstead, they expect US to do everything.  We’re at fault for not finding a solution to their problem.  We’re the ones causing their problems.  This is utter nonsense.

 Since the cold war and the civil rights movements they have turned this fear into a political/legal problem, which it is not!  Because it preys on the American constitution, it has become a sort of legal justification for their complaints.  This, it appears to me, has only created more problems for them.  It gives them a ‘justified excuse’ to complain about their own fear of feminity.  It is for this reason that I no longer accept, or tolerate, the conjuring up of the constitution, rights, equality, etc. when a female complains about the fact shes female. 

All in all, I see the concept of things like a ‘gender gap’, equality, and such as a female problem.  Only the females, themselves, can solve this problem.  The male, the society, the law, cannot solve this problem for them.   As a result, no one should think they should.

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