Thoughts on why the US is not a real country

I have never felt the US was a real country.  Naturally, this has made quite a few people upset.  I think this is more a result of the definition of what a country is.  To me a country has things like:

–          A specific race of people.

–          A culture.

–          An authority image.

–          A religion or belief system.

–          A tradition and way of life that is unique to its people.

A country is made up of a specific people in a specific land that have, for centuries, grown into a unique and special manifestation.  In that sense, a country is ‘grown’, not made. 

Many of the traits above are lacking in the US.  The US, really, is just a hodge podge of different people living in the same area.  As a result, I often jokingly call the US a ‘Confederation of Immigrants’.  That’s really more accurate I think.  It is an ‘agreement’ made between various immigrants from different cultures to live together in a peaceable and productive way.  It’s this agreement that really defines the US.  It’s not its culture, its beliefs, or anything like that. 

The US has become a ‘blur’ of people of all nationalities.  This has created all sorts of identity crisis and confusions as to who a person is in the US.  It almost seems a ‘right of passage’ in American society to go through an identity crisis in the teenage years and into ones twenties.  It’s almost become a way of life for some people.

This blurring of people has created a situation where many people of different nationalities staunchly defend their own identities and refuse to be Americanized. 

And what is Americanization?  In many ways, it’s nothing but becoming a consumer and a TV watcher.  Frankly, that’s not much.  In fact, it’s not only laughable but embarrassing compared to other countries.  The more I look at it the more the US seems to lack a way of life, one of the big traits of a country.

The US also has a lacking in authority images.  There is no real image of authority at all here.  As a result, there is a lacking of the things authority produces like respect, morality, direction, etc. 

Everywhere I turn I see traits that show the US is not a country, but a conglomeration of different people.  As I said before, it looks more like a ‘Confederation of Immigrants’.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on why the US is not a real country

  1. Josh Flom says:

    Interesting thoughts you present… but by your own terms, thoughts, and definitions you discredit the entire earth and the “countries” that inhabit it.
    Australia, China, Countries within Europe, etc…. do you think these incredible places had people APPEAR within their borders…. simply becoming australian by the major of a big bang?
    nooooooooo. Thats not quite the way the world works.
    Regardless your believe of Christ, evolutions, etc… people originated in a specific place in this world, slowing immigrating throughout the world. Germany is filled with immigrants and numerous religions at this point. Berma has several religions within it. or what about europe as a whole, there are incredible amounts of religions within their borders as well as growing numbers of ethnic identities.

    The world is flooded with countless styles, religions, colors, mind sets…. there is no country if we go by your opinions, we are a world of immigrants. And in my opinion, we are all guests on this earth that is truly the belonging on the Lord.

    • I would say that you missed my point altogether. You also sound like you are taking the point of view that the world is a ‘one people’. Thats true to a point but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a living culture with traditions and beliefs.

      The peoples of the world have been formed in what you might want to call ‘cultural families’ with unique traits and qualities that are the result of centuries of living. The cultural families can be very different from other cultural families just a few miles a way. In fact, many wars were caused because of the different viewpionts several cultural families held which conflicted with each other. These cultural families in an area create a ‘country’ as I’ve always viewed it. This has been this way until the past century in particular. The past 50 years has seen unprecedented destruction of peoples cultures, languages, and ways of life. Cultural families are being wiped from the face of the world.

      I wanted to be an anthropologist at one time but decided not to as I couldn’t stand to sit and see these culture families, with centuries of tradition, wiped out. It got to the point that, in the 80’s, anthropology was not really a studying of people but a mad scramble to preserve what they knew and did. Many of us who have looked at sociology can see that people are loosing their identities in the world. This is what I mean when I say that people are becoming a ‘blur’. Most of the world is now losing its identities, tradition, culture, ways of life, and even languages. In the 80’s, if I remember right, they estimated something like 15 cultures lost their language a week? With the loss of language went a whole way of life with its traditions and beliefs. These facts specify that people have a unique culture, a result of centuries of living, and that a culture embodies within it qualities that is different from other cultures. Within these cultures lies most of the beliefs of world perception, self perception, right and wrong, and so on. In effect, within culture lies humanities whole wealth of perceiving itself and the world. To have the cultural famillies die is to lose culture and all that it contains. In reality, this is a tragedy. Very few people in the modern world, with all the new fancy stuff it creates, seldom see this tragedy. As one anthropologist said, “its interesting that there is only one group of people who truly see the destruction of the modern world and that is the anthropologist who look so closely at peoples ways of life. Even very few historians see the damage”. In England there were pagan traditions that survived the Norman Conquest, the Protestant Reformation, the English Civil Wars, the class struggle, and two world wars. Then, in the 50’s with its TV and consumerism, it was wiped out, all within a generation.

      The world is not made up of one belief system but a multitude of beliefs. Quite a few of these beliefs conflict with one another (and are still warring with one another). These beliefs are found within a culture which is found within a body of people. Up until recently these people were contained within an area. This is a ‘country’. Nowadays, a ‘country’ and the culture it contains, are slowly disappearing.

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