A dream about silt in a river

I was standing next to a stream and looked into the water.  I noticed all this silt that had been deposited in the stream bed.  I knew this was because of something that had gone on upstream.  I thought it was sad that all this silt had been deposited in the stream as it seemed unncecessary.

(This dream is about something I did some time ago which has made me very ashamed.  I am worried that it may have impact on my life later on.  This is what this dream refers to.  The stream, really, is my lifeline, as life is like water traveling down a stream.  The silt refers to this thing I’m ashamed of.  The thing that caused the silt happened upstream, meaning in the past.  The silt being deposited all along the river downstream reflects my concern that it may effect me later in my life.)

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