Thoughts on Christian missionaries – a personal gripe

There is something about Christianity that I have always despised.  It is something that has revolted me and disgusted me to no end.  Basically, it is the missionary element in Christianity, this idea that the world has to be converted to Christianty. 

This forced conversion, in my worthless opinion, has been a disaster and caused much destruction and hatred.  Not only that, it has been carried over into other things, such as politics, justifying political changing of the world. 

They have walked into other peoples lands telling them their whole belief system is wrong, their gods are wrong, and their way of life is wrong.  They’ve gone into other peoples lands and disrupted the political and social systems time and time again for centuries.  Many of the worlds political and social problems can be traced to the Christian conversion and the disruption it caused.  In some sense, they set the whole world into an unrest.

I saw a man say something that has always stood out in my mind since then.  This took place in the late 80’s sometime.  I was studying anthropology at the time.  I saw this documentary about this Christian religious group that went out into the world to try to ‘teach the world the truth’.  They went to this small tribe.  I think it was in the orient somewhere.  These missionaries saw how people would offer prayers to their gods and one of them said something like:  “We need to change that.  We need to teach them that Christ will answer their prayers, not these idols”.  Their guide, who was part of the tribe, turned to them and said:  “What for?  Why do they need to be changed?  What’s wrong with their gods?  They’ve been worshipping them for centuries”.  I will never forget that.  Later, they’d look at other tribes and find nothing but fault with their religion. 

I recall one anthropologist who described how he went into a tribe somewhere and everyone was like shocked and stunned, as if in a daze.  He asked them what was wrong and he said that these people came into their village and told them that their gods were dead and that their religion was actually a lie.  Being primitive people, they naturally believed it, as most primitive people have no reason to not trust what people say.  They were all stunned since they were told this.  The primitive people said that the people who said this called themselves Christian missionaries.  The anthropologist had to tell them that the missionaries were wrong and that their gods were living.  After that the tribe became happy and content.  In some sense, that’s a description of what the Christian missionaries do.

I’ve found that many Christion missionaries tend to have qualities and traits, such as these (despite what they say, as they will deny it):

– They assume the world is dumb.  Only they know the truth.  No one else knows it. 

– They assume they are right.  None of them, that I’ve seen, question that they may be wrong.

– They tend to have no respect for other peoples beliefs.  Often, they don’t even give consideration of other peoples beliefs at all.  It’s their way or else!

– They are quick to ridicule other peoples beliefs and downplay them.

– Their missionary effort often becomes a means for other motives.  A good example is how the Spanish missionaries who used the Christian conversion to mask their quest for gold.

– It is really nothing but an arrogance and self righteousness when you stand back and look at it.

I’ve found that the world is not dumb.  Also, Christianity, as a religion, is no better than any other religion of the world.  As a person who studies the worlds religion I see nothing particularly ‘great’ about it compared to any other.  Each religion has their genius and their greatness.  That is the nature of religions.

I understand that many Christian missionaries are motivated by a good intention, but that doesn’t justify it as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. AAB says:

    That’is something that Schopenhauer noted that all monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) share in common: arrogance, and contempt for other belief systems.

    >As a matter of fact, it is only to monotheism that intolerance is essential; an only god is by his nature a jealous god, who can allow no other god to exist. Polytheistic gods, on the other hand, are naturally tolerant; they live and let live; their own colleagues are the chief objects of their sufferance, as being gods of the same religion. This toleration is afterwards extended to foreign gods, who are, accordingly, hospitably received, and later on admitted, in some cases, to an equality of rights; the chief example of which is shown by the fact, that the Romans willingly admitted and venerated Phrygian, Egyptian and other gods. Hence it is that monotheistic religions alone furnish the spectacle of religious wars, religious persecutions, heretical tribunals, that breaking of idols and destruction of images of the gods, that razing of Indian temples, and Egyptian colossi, which had looked on the sun three thousand years, just because a jealous god had said, Thou shalt make no graven image.'<

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