Thoughts on the dilemma of the white American male

I have always felt that the white American male is in a dilemma in his own country.  It’s always been my impression that our own country degrades and belittles us.  I’m sure many people may disagree but I think the evidence is there. 

Many white American males seem like a shadow of what they used to be.  You got to remember that we’re the group who built this place.  They made this country what it is.  Often, they appear to me to be run down shells of a person nowadays.  They appear belittled, degraded in some way.  They seem apathetic. These guys who once did things, built a nation, seem almost like vegetables sometimes.  And is it any wonder?  Look at how our country has portrayed and treated us. 

Here are some things I’ve noticed:

–  Our authority is continually underminned.  A white American male, it seems, can’t do anything.  The father, for example, has no authority in his own family.  Everywhere I turn I see examples of how we can’t do anything.

–  If we do something that entails some form of violence, then its portrayed worse than it really is.  We even spank a kid and we’re made out as a criminal.  People seem to be scared of the white American male and violence I’ve found.

–  Its our fault for everything.  We are blamed for the condition of everything and all the countries problems.  Often, we’re treated like a bunch of people who’s only intent is downgrade everyone else in the country.  I can recall when people used to say “male DOMINATED society” like it was some sort of a sin.  We’re the ones who built this place!

–  It seems like we’re always violating someone elses rights.  If we get hired for a job, for example,  someone elses rights is violated.  If we’re promoted, someones rights is violated.  If our government tries to punish or do something to a female or minority than its automatically because we’re trying to violate their rights.  Its like everyone is paranoid of us.

–  If we do something it is often condemned.  We can’t punish, we can’t get mad, we can’t get into fights, etc.  Just some weeks ago a girl from a grade school told me, “did you know that a girl can hit a boy but a boy can’t hit a girl” and girls rave about equality.

–  Now, more than ever, we have to be careful of what we say or do around people.  We can be sued or fired over trivial events.  It’s like we have to walk on tippy toes all the time. 

–  If someone (a female or minority) accomplishes something then it is often used as a means to degrade the white American male.  Often, its taken with the point of view that its an achievement, like we’re all oppressing them.  I’ve sat, many times, and watched people tower over us with their nose stuck in the air because they achieved something.  Sometimes this becomes personal and they start using it to attack the white American male, as if they are better than us.  This is common with females, I’ve found.

–  Females and minorities are often given special preference and special treatment. 

–  White American males are often feminized nowadays.  Often, any show of ‘manliness’ is criticized and looked down upon.  It’s almost like its a crime to be a guy in this country. I’m not the only one to mention how males seem emasculanated nowadays.

–  It seems that many females despise the white American male.  They seem to prefer minorities or foreign guys, as if we’re a bunch of nobodies. 

–  There are few examples and mentors for the white American male.  There’s really no one for them to look up to. 

–  It often seems that we, in the image of the white American male, have to give everything we worked for away.  I’ve often joked how we ought to just make the whole world US citizens.  Why don’t we spend all our money to save the worlds problems?  There’s often a sense, I’ve found, where we are not allowed to have what we created.  It’s like we owe everyone else everything we create.

Being brought up in conditions like this affected the growing up and attitudes of the younger white American males.  It’s basically had adverse effects on them.   In some sense, these attitudes are eating away at the male, destroying him.  As a result, many white American males seem to display traits such as:

–   Low self esteem.  Many young white American males seem unsure of themselves.  Many seem lost and confused about life.  With some males, it looks like their society abandoned them.

–  They seem weak and frail people, showing no backbone oftentimes.  This is unbelievable considering what their predecessors did!

–  They are not helped.  All the females and minorities are helped by this society, but the white American male seems neglected.  There’s no programs to help us.  No one seems to care about the white American males problems.  Our own society neglects us.

–  They become apathetic.  They don’t do anything.  For many, there is no incentive to do anything. 

–  No one cares about their achievements or doings.  When a female or minority does something then we have to have a national holiday.  When a white American male does something no one cares.

–  They are reluctant to act or achieve anything.  They often seldom take initiative or an active role.  In many ways, they’ve become submissive.  Many times I’ve seen quite a few who see a wrong and won’t lift a finger to do anything.  Some won’t even work for a good life anymore.

–  Some white American males are becoming more effeminate than the females are. 

What is interesting is that everyone is trying to be like us.  Though we are often portrayed as the bad guys, the oppressors, and such everyone is trying to fill our shoes.  This is part of the tragedy of all this.  Here is a situation where we created all this stuff – freedom, economic prosperity, peace – and yet we, the creators, are condemned and downgraded for it.  We’re practically pushed out of everything and when this is done its treated like a victory.

I believe a lot of this attitude, the blind endless degradation of authority in the US, originates from the 60’s.  This is when there became an attitude of degrading the government.   Since the government was represented as a white American male, he got the blow.  This attitude, which is about 40 years old now, seems as strong as it was then.  It now has all this legal backing and support from general population attitudes.  It’s an attitude, as I’ve said, that has gone on for a long time and has greatly affected the generations of younger white American males which followed.  It has had a great impact on a big and influential part of our society.  All this has become unacceptable to me.  Not only that, its pathetic.  For me, I cannot believe in a place that treats its people like this.  I’ve always felt that, if this attitude continues – the endless blind degradation of authority – then it will slowly undermine the US.  How can a country continue when its symbols of authority are debased?

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