A dream about crossing a river

I dreamt that I was with two other people.  We were needing to get across a river.  One of the guys just started to walk across the river.  I was completely stunned by this.  As he walked across the river he sunk down to his neck before he started to come back up.  He didn’t seem, in the least, bothered by this.  Me and the other guy didn’t want to do that.  The next thing I knew the other guy was walking upstream looking for a place to cross.  He eventually found a safer way to get across. I followed him. 

(This dream refers to different aspects of my self.  It shows that there is a part of me that is very daring and willing to take risks.  This is reflected in the guy who crossed the river.  It also shows there is an aspect of me that is apprehensive about taking risks.  This is the guy who went to find a safe way across.  In actuality, both of these guys together is a good sign, as they are the two different aspects that create a wisdom in life – it shows a daringness in life coupled with a cautious attitude.  Because I followed the guy who found a safe way across it reveals how I tend to take the more cautious course.)

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