Confronting the wall of existence

Confronting the wall of existence

. . . I do fear

the terror! . . . the terror!

ever knowing that somber truth

whistling so in the breeze

crying out to me in anguished tone:

“exist! . . .  exist!”

the horror gappling within me

hooking my soul and giving a yank

oh . . . such pain do I know

why does such pain exist?

how does one escape such horror?

where does one hide?

everywhere I see . . . the fact of existence

here . . . there . . . and over there too

its cold weight bares upon me

such burden no man can stand

free me from such turmoil!

liberate me from such slavery!

my anguished self can bare no more

gazing upon such hopeless despair

worn out have I become

on the playing field of the fact

losing to life – it wins!

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