Thoughts on how the movies seldom portray the female accurately . . . ditto for the male

Oftentimes, I hear females moaning and groaning how the female is portrayed in the movies.  They are always portrayed as weak, frail, oversensitive, sexy, etc.  they said.  How many times have I heard them complain about how that is a bad portrayal of the female? 

Nowadays, females are often portrayed as sexy hot pots or as Ms. Tough lady.  The sexy hot pot, naturally, caters to a certain group in the population (which includes females as well as males!).  Ms. Tough lady was a reaction to feminism.  This image was intended to ‘unfeminize’ the female, but all it did is turn females into guys.  I’ve always been amazed that we’ve not see a ‘Ms. Rambo’ or ‘Ms. Terminator’ yet.  Now, in a lot of movies, we’ve got to have a female who is tough and a go getter, something females are not.  It’s pathetic when even Disney cartoons portray females in this distorted light, but they do.

It seems to me that the female was portrayed most accurately as a person during the 50’s or before.  After that all the influence of mass consumerism, money, and such distorted the female image.  It was heavily changed to fit mass appeal and, hence, to make money.

But what is an accurate portrayal of the female image though?  That’s a good question.  I don’t think I can answer that.  In a way, that’s the problem. 

Most movies made by guys are not about females nor about female themes or subjects.   The females that are in it are just references to a ‘theme’ or a quality in the movies story.  They tend to be lesser characters.  It is not about them as people.  As a result, the female character is seldom elaborated upon and is often portrayed in a shallow way. 

When females write about and make movies about themselves, guys can’t relate all that well with it.  Many of these are called ‘chick fliks’ by the guys, which is usually a reference to the fact that it’s not worth seeing, as it has nothing that caters to the male mentality.  Often, guys are portrayed in a shallow way for the same reasons why movies made by guys tend to make the female image shallow.

But are males portrayed any more accurately?  Not necessarily.  Most portrayals of anybody, male or female, in a movie or story is usually meant to portray a theme or subject, not the person as a human being.  The people, really, are just a means to make the statement of the story.  Because its the males who primarily write stories and makes movies many movies revolve around malish themes.  These themes I relate to, as a male, but they seldom portray the male as a complete person either.  We guys, usually, don’t sit and moan and groan about it though. 

Very seldom does any movie, or story for that matter, portray a person completely.  This is because the movie or story is about a specific theme.  The purpose of any character in that movie or story is to emphasize that theme.  As a result, anything that does not involve that theme is basically trivialized or removed.  This makes it so that many events, that normally would happen, are trivialized or removed.  It makes many characters superficial or minor.  It emphasizes only certain aspects or qualities of some characters.  As such, with all this trivializing and removing any movie or story never really portrays people, the times, or even the situation all that completely.  That’s the way it is.  In short, you can’t take a movie too seriously.

Remember, movies are nothing but stories describing a theme or subject in life.  In any story or movie its the theme or subject that’s important, not that the characters are portrayed accurately.

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